Saarland: Green candidate Ulrich gives up after a dispute over women’s status

Political Women’s statute

After a long dispute, Ulrich renounces the Saar Greens’ top candidacy

Hubert Ulrich is controversial among the Greens. His planned top candidacy in Saarland has now led to a scandal

Hubert Ulrich is controversial among the Greens. His planned top candidacy in Saarland has now led to a scandal

Source: dpa / Oliver Dietze

After weeks of dispute over his candidacy in Saarland, the former head of the Green Party, Hubert Ulrich, gives up – and clears the way for a woman. Previously, two courts had ruled against Ulrich. He speaks of “massive errors”.

Dhe former head of the Saarland of the Greens, Hubert Ulrich, will not run as a top candidate in the federal elections. Ulrich said that according to the “Saarbrückener Zeitung” on Tuesday. He will no longer run for the new election to the Bundestag list planned for Saturday.

“If I had known what upheavals there are, I would not have run for office beforehand,” said Ulrich on the sidelines of a hearing before the Saarbrücken regional court. He assumes that there will be a new election on the list on Saturday and then a woman will be elected.

Before the Saarbrücken regional court, Ulrich tried to prevent the party conference on Saturday with an injunction – and failed.

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Actually, the statutes of the Greens stipulate that a woman should run for number one on the state list. Therefore – and because members of the Green Youth and the Green Seniors had voted even though they were not entitled to vote – a regional arbitration tribunal of the Greens had previously canceled Ulrich’s election, which made the new party congress necessary.

Ulrich had previously insisted on his candidacy. He told WELT that the women in his party also supported his election. “There was a majority among women that the square should be opened according to the federal women’s statute.” He described criticism of his candidacy from the federal executive board and from Chancellor candidate Annalena Baerbock as an “unbelievable process”.

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The dispute goes back to resolutions of the Saar-Greens party congress on June 20. At that time, the candidate for first place on the state list for the federal election failed, and the party congress decided that, contrary to the women’s statute, a man could run – Ulrich was elected. This had led to resignations in the state executive. Baerbock said at the time: “We have a quota for women in our party for good reason.”

Now Ulrich said that the party had suffered “severe damage” as a whole as a result of the conflict. “Massive mistakes” were made. Nevertheless, he remains “greener out of conviction”.