Sampaoli explains the absence of Kamara

Sampaoli on the drop in performance of OM

Jorge Sampaoli at a press conference: “Sometimes it’s a question of state of mind. There was a form of joy at the start of the season. In a season, there are fluctuations. There is a drop in performance. This can also be explained by the fact that we played two competitions. We hope that this decline will not last long to find a more cheerful team, which creates more opportunities. We must get rid of fear and try to find a new one. this team that we all liked. “

Kamara’s absence? “A sporting choice”, answers Sampaoli

Jorge Sampaoli explains why he left Boubacar Kamara on the bench. “A purely sporting choice”, assures the OM coach. “His contractual situation is only his and the club’s business,” he said, while the 22-year-old midfielder is linked to his training club until the end of the season.

Rongier on the difficult week of OM

Valentin Rongier on Amazon Prime Video: “A trying week? Yes. We are not going to come back to what happened. The authorities will judge but we are sad that it is happening like this, it plays on our mood and our daily, especially for a player like Dimitri (Payet), who is very important for us. Tonight, he did not seem too touched because he did very good things but it is not easy. “

Rongier: “We said things to each other at half-time”

Valentin Rongier on Amazon Prime Video: “The coach told us at half-time that we had to change. But even without a coach, in view of what we proposed, we said things to at half time, it was not possible to have this attitude. Even in the aggressiveness, we were not there. We had a good opportunity tonight to take three very important points, we could not afford to continue this momentum. “

Rongier: “We must do better”

Valentin Rongier on Amazon Prime Video: “We knew it would be a complicated match. We have to do better, especially on what we proposed in the first period. Troyes put us in difficulty with its system, we did not know too much about Who to go out and how to do it. We adapted better in the second half. But the most important thing, given the context, was to win. An empty stadium is not an excuse but it hurts us. weekend results were important too. “

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We meet on Wednesday, for a day of Ligue 1 during the week. Including Nantes-Marseille at 9 p.m.

Gueye: “very hard” without the public

Pape Gueye on Amazon Prime Video: “We knew it would be complicated. We unfortunately play behind closed doors, it was very hard but the essentials have been done, we leave with the points. We did not have the public, who tends to push us but we had to live with it. “

Regrets for Troyes

Jimmy Giraudon on Amazon Prime Video: “It is true that we could have deserved better tonight but we did not know how to materialize the situations we had, against a team that has very good players. They are doing better than us. There is something positive compared to last weekend, we annoyed them but we leave without a point. “

OM won 1-0 against Troyes and got back to the podium!

It wasn’t the game of the year, and that’s saying something. In a dull meeting behind closed doors, OM found the loophole thanks to a superb pass from Payet and a goal from Lirola. The Marseillais are tied on points with Nice, 3rd!

Ripart misses his control

There was space on the side, but the ball flees the former Nîmes who is taken over by Guendouzi.

Dieng tries the hook in the box

He is taken with the tip of his foot by a defender. Too bad, the goal was open.

4 minutes of additional time

We hoped the referee would spare us that, but there have been quite a few changes.

OM has spaces

But Gerson lacks a bit of technical accuracy and pep to exploit them.

Chadli replaces Koné

Offensive choice on the Trojans side.

Scorer Lirola is entitled to a sitting ovation

Yes, there are only chairs in the stands today. Luis Henrique replaces him.

Milik is replaced by Gerson

The Pole missed two big chances that could have been expensive. Dieng will go to a point.

Ripart compensates for Rami’s exit

Batlles calls for a tactical change, with a move to four behind.

Rami’s comb

The former Marseillais is forced to leave on injury. He returns to the locker room even before a teammate replaces him.

The goal has been validated

A Trojan was covering, far behind the rest of the defense. 1-0 for OM!

Triple change on the Trojan side

Chavelerin, Suk and Dingomé replace Kouamé, Baldé and Touzghar.


Weird atmosphere and not only because it is behind closed doors: the Spaniard is launched alone against Gallon by Payet and wins his duel. Lirola is so lonely that he seemed out of the game, and he gets up looking at the assistant and not overly partying …


The Pole stings his head, which complicates the task of the Trojan goalkeeper: the ball bounces and Gallon retreats, but manages to get him under the bar.

First change of the match

Bamba Dieng replaces Konrad De La Fuente, invisible tonight.

Gueye lights up from afar

It’s countered by tackling by a defender.

The Trojans get annoyed

The referee let play while Koné was on the ground following an involuntary nudge from Rongier.


Or Gallon wins: nice deviation from Payet to launch the Pole, who is the only full axis facing the Trojan goalkeeper who relaxes well.

Gerson Rodrigues has been warned

For dispute, obviously.

Troyes is always well organized

Finally we say that, in fact it is perhaps right that the Marseillais do not endanger the ESTAC.

Another free kick not on target for Payet

The first was well seen (open side with Gallon taken on the wrong foot), the following two start completely above.

New chance for Payet

Off-center free kick on the right, three meters in front of the surface …

Marseillais warming up

In particular Kamara and Dieng.

It goes from one goal to another

Milik’s failed lob pass, then big tackle on the other side. It’s a good start…

Let’s go for the second period!

With the same 22 actors, even if we hope for another show.

0-0 at the break between OM and ESTAC!

And it makes sense: the first half was as empty as the Vélodrome. Not much to remember, and we hope the second period will be more exciting.

Youssouf Koné is the third Trojan warned

Foul on Gendouzi and we therefore expected a bit of a spectacle, but the Marseillais remained sober and got up quickly.

Milik is well taken for now

The Pole commits a foul after missing a control in the box. He does not have a lot of space at the moment.


Payet arms at the entrance to the box, it is countered by a defender and it happens on Milik, who cannot find the frame and was out of play. Yes, “almost” – a lot.

We are still waiting for the first shot on target

Or just an occasion, please.

Rodrigues tries his luck from afar, far above

So little is happening that it is being reported.

Salmier takes a ball with a header from a corner

But there is a fault for a small elevator.

We are not in the most unforgettable half hour of the season

We say that when we are not even half an hour, moreover, it is indeed a proof.

From the Fountain chime et tire

It is not framed and Gallon was quietly on it in all cases.

It opens a little

Or it’s just an impression because it’s been at least 30 seconds since there was no fault.

Payet does not bring the ball back down

It is finally above, very largely.

Fault at the corner of the Trojan surface

Milik is pushed in the back by Biancone. Good opportunity for Payet, who even retreats the ball by one meter.

Yellow card for Tardieu

It is the third of the match, and already the ninth foul. It’s chopped.

Little moment of suspense

The referee whistles for an action in the Marseille area. Alvaro looks at the man in black with fear, but it is indeed the late sole of his opponent that is sanctioned.

Gueye is warned

Ball pushed a little too far and excess engagement in stride, a classic.

A first quarter of an hour to the rhythm “behind closed doors”

It’s not totally soft, but it hasn’t taken off yet. OM have the ball, Troyes tries to counter, but it is not sharp on either side.

Guendouzi gets up

He was treated, and especially moaned a lot.

Warning for Salmier

The cries of Guendouzi echo in the velodrome after this late intervention of Salmier.

The sole on Mattéo Guendouzi © Screenshot Amazon
The sole on Guendouzi
The sole on Guendouzi © Screenshot Amazon

Lirola shows her acceleration

Superb boost after a relay with Milik entering the area, even if that is not enough to catch a ball pushed too far.

We find empty stadiums …

This time it is not the pandemic, but a disciplinary sanction. We get used to this funny atmosphere again, with the benches very present.


Oh it’s pulled directly by Payet and it goes right next to the post, left side

Free kick for OM

Salmier’s fault on Payet, who was approaching in the box, with a load in the back. Free kick ahead

The sadness of the camera

It feels like a return to post-confinement …

Let’s go to the Vélodrome

In a very sad Velodrome behind closed doors, the kickoff is given

The composition of Troyes

Gallon – Rami, Giraudon, Salmier – Biancone, Kouamé, Tardieu, Koné – Rodrigues, Touzghar, Baldé

The composition of the OM

Victim of a bottle throw against OL, Payet is there, alongside Milik in front. Kamara is on the bench

The composition of the OM:

Lopez – Saliba, Alvaro, Peres – Lirola, Rongier, Gueye, Guendouzi, De la Fuente – Payet, Milik


Mandanda, Balerdi, Amavi, Caleta-Car, Kamara, Gerson, Harit, Dieng, Luis Henrique

welcome to all

OM welcomes Troyes to the Vélodrome at the end of the 15th day of Ligue 1. A week after the end of their match in Lyon, where Dimitri Payet was the victim of a bottle throw, the Marseillais have a good chance to play in their garden. In case of victory against Adil Rami’s partners, they can catch up with the top three: Paris, Rennes and Nice. Follow this match live with us. Kick-off 8:45 p.m.!