Sara Career’s mother in tears hugging Tony and Ivo Lucas

The television didn’t show it, but at the end of the Sara Carreira Association gala, Fernanda Antunes took the stage to thank each of the artists in dozens of hugs.

SIC’s live broadcast from the Centro Cultural de Belém (CCB), in Lisbon, had ended minutes ago when, after a few moments of being convinced, Fernanda Antunes took the stage of the Gala dos Sonhos and greeted all the audiences individually. artists who, last Wednesday, acted to encourage donations to Associação Sara Carreira. The artist’s mother, who lost her life almost a year ago – completes this Sunday, December 5 -, fully dressed in pink, the colors of the association, took to the stage, supported by her friends. She hugged the participants and did not hide her emotion and tears in greeting Ivo Lucas – the actor and musician who drove the vehicle that overturned in the Santarém area -, the singer Bárbara Bandeira and her ex-husband, Tony Carreira. These were moments that television no longer showed. The businesswoman was comforted by her eldest son, Mickael.

Fernanda Antunes’ gesture was one of the highlights of an evening in which the Association, which is helping 21 underprivileged scholarship holders, collected the first 207,000 euros.

After Mickael Carreira said on stage that the loss of his sister “is a pain that has no end”, and David said that no one in the family “expected to have to go through this moment”, Tony Carreira spoke to JN during one of the breaks. . The singer thought the whole show, together with the director of SIC, Daniel Oliveira, and the producer Fremantle, showing himself proud of what was happening in the main auditorium of the CCB. “This is a very important mission for me. I’m enjoying the show, mainly because of the hearts of people, my colleagues, artists, television presenters.” Tony Carreira highlighted “this solidarity. It’s the first gala, I didn’t create expectations, but I’m very happy with the generosity”.

Backstage at the gala, several famous people were at a call center to raise funds from viewers, who donated amounts between four and 500 euros to Associação Sara Carreira.

João Manzarra was the magician on duty, there were several live performances and poem readings, with Júlia Pinheiro, Ricardo Carriço and Cláudia Vieira. The actress reminded our newspaper of the moment she met Sara Carreira. “When I presented “Idols”, Sara accompanied her father to the studio. She saw “Strawberries with sugar”, she had posters of us at home and felt a lot of affection from her. My daughter Maria even spent a day with her and Sara’s disappearance was a shock.” Cláudia Vieira is the Association’s ambassador. “It was a very special and emotional night. I am available to collaborate in whatever it takes.”

Paulo Battista, on the other hand, was responsible for designing the costumes for Mickael and David Carreira. The famous tailor told JN that the family “still has a hard time believing in the death of Sara”, a “special girl”. Paulo Battista is one of the godparents of the 21 scholarship holders from Associação Sara Carreira.