Shooting in Lyon in the Duchère district, police officers targeted, an individual is actively sought

A shooting took place this Monday, October 25 in the early evening, in the district of La Duchère, in Lyon. The regional prefect and the Lyon prosecutor’s office confirm that the police have been targeted at one of the neighborhood deal points.

The Lyon public prosecutor’s office as well as the prefect of the region confirm that police officers were the targets of shots while they were patrolling around a deal point. The deputy prosecutor of Lyon announced the opening of an investigation for attempted homicide on a person holding public authority. Only one individual would be involved, he is actively sought. No arrests were made. The Lyon public prosecutor’s office has opened an investigation, entrusted to the judicial police.

“The events which took place this evening are serious, since one or more individuals deliberately shot at national police officers. Fortunately, none is injured” specified the prefect of the region. He also recalled that this sector had already been the subject of police operations. “If this shooting took place, the investigation will tell, but we are in a very strong deal setting, and undoubtedly, it is in connection with actions that have taken place in recent days. We can see that the actions that we lead to shell the places of deal produce effects, and there are reactions, which obviously I condemn, and which will be specified in the context of the investigation that the prosecution has just initiated. “

The mayor of Lyon was on site

A shooting took place this Monday, October 25 in the early evening in the 9th arrondissement of Lyon, in the Duchère district, avenue Sakharov. The neighborhood has been cordoned off. The RAID was deployed and looped 2 large HLM bars. The deputy prosecutor of Lyon, the regional prefect and the mayor of the 9th arrondissement, Anne Braibant, are on site. The mayor of Lyon, Grégory Doucet was also on the scene, where he joined his security assistant. “We know that in this neighborhood there is a certain amount of drug trafficking that can take place, but for all that we did not necessarily have elements in our possession that allowed us to think that there could be such events tonight, “he said. “At this point it is important to let the investigation take its course.”

It would be a shootout. Only one individual would be involved. Police officers on patrol on deal points were reportedly the target of bursts of fire, to which they would have retaliated. A priori there would be no injuries.

The shooter is actively sought this Monday, October 25 in the evening. The judicial police are seized.

For its part, the Rhône prefecture tweeted in the early evening: “A police operation is underway in Lyon, in the Duchère district. No injuries are to be deplored. A security perimeter has been set up by the national police. Do not disturb the action of the police “.

At 11:30 p.m., the RAID was still there, and calm seemed to have returned.

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The RAID was deployed in the Duchère district after a shooting

Rumors of another shooting in the early evening were reportedly relayed via social networks, but only one has so far been confirmed.