Social networks criticize ‘Piojo’ Herrera for defending the result and replacing André-Pierre Gignac

Miguel ‘Piojo’ Herrera and Tigres were eliminated in the semifinals of the Apertura 2021 against León, a few minutes after achieving victory

The match between León and Tigres took over the trends in social networks, among them Miguel Herrera and André-Pierre Gignac appeared, because the users criticized the ‘Louse’ for the position he took at the end of the game, in addition to taking the Frenchman 15 minutes from the final whistle.

Tigres won 2-3 on the aggregate scoreboard at 74 ‘, at which point’ Piojo ‘Herrera removed André-Pierre Gignac and Juan Pablo Vigón to give entry to Raymundo Fulgencio and David Ayala.

“El Piojo Herrera makes a mistake when taking out two of his best attackers, Gignac and Quiñones, in the 80th minute, thinking that he could hold the game back. That allowed the León to go with everything to attack,” wrote José Ramón Fernández in his social networks.

“Tigres made mistakes that cost him … Miguel Herrera backed down very early and also took out the best player in Liga MX. TERRIBLE PECADO DEL PIOJO”, was the posting of Sergio Dipp, ESPN host.

Just 10 minutes after the last adjustments made by ‘Piojo’ Herrera, he fell 3-3 that gave León a pass to the grand final of the Apertura 2021. However, the equalizer unleashed an outbreak that left four expelled: Luis Quiñones, Osvaldo Rodríguez, as well as two members of the coaching staff, one from León and the other from Tigres.

During the outbreak of anger, Luis Quiñones and Osvaldo Rodríguez hit each other, for which they were expelled, in addition to immediately positioning themselves among the trends of social networks.