Stefan Löfven reinstated Prime Minister

Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Löfven, who announced his resignation on Monday, was reinstated as head of government by Parliament on Wednesday July 7, putting an immediate end to the unprecedented political crisis that has agitated the Nordic country for three weeks . His appointment was validated, for lack of an absolute majority against him: 173 deputies out of 349 voted no, under the bar of 175 necessary for the right-wing and far-right opposition to block him. Stefan Löfven only got 116 votes in favor, with 60 abstentions, but this result does not prevent him from returning to his post.

The Social Democratic leader, in power since 2014, has thus once again confirmed his status as a survivor of Swedish politics, or as a “Cat with nine lives”, as the press has renamed it in recent days.

This scenario of renewal took shape after the decisions of the Left Party (SVP), at the origin of the political crisis, and of the Center Party (C), the key role to form a majority, not to vote. against Stefan Löfven. An outcome that makes it possible in particular to avoid the risk of additional elections in the fall.

The victory remains mixed for the former steelworker unionist, who risks a new political crisis during the budget in the fall, where he will then have to have a vote in favor of the text. It was a rent liberalization project that was at the origin of the political crisis and had pushed the Left Party, until then occasional support from the government, to vote mistrust with the right and the far right. The project has since been withdrawn.

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After the failure of the conservatives to present a possible majority to take power, Stefan Löfven was tasked with reforming a majority.

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