Taliban call to address UN General Assembly on behalf of Afghanistan

The ambassador of the former deposed government a also asked to address the members of the United Nations gathered in New York.

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Who to represent Afghanistan? Taliban-appointed government foreign minister Amir Khan Muttaqi in a letter requested to speak to the UN’s annual general assembly on behalf of Afghanistan, a spokesperson for Afghanistan said. the world organization, Stéphane Dujarric, Tuesday September 21.

The United Nations have not yet decided who will represent this country in the meeting that opened on Tuesday. The ambassador of the former ousted government has also asked to speak. The two competing demands are in the hands of the “accreditation commission”, said the UN spokesperson.

Most governments around the world have yet to recognize the government appointed by the Taliban, previously demanding that it meet several conditions, including respect for women’s rights and its commitment to let those who want to leave Afghanistan.

In the case of two requests for diplomatic representation for a Member State, the members of the committee have often refrained in the past from deciding on the merits by referring the question to the General Assembly for a decision at a vote.