Technician wanted for Islamabad. State offers 212 euros salary

António Cotrim / Lusa

The Minister of State and Foreign Affairs, Augusto Santos Silva

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is hiring 102 assistants for Portuguese embassies, consular posts, missions and representations abroad and, in some cases, offers values ​​below the national minimum wage that is being negotiated by the Government.

At a time when the raising of the national minimum wage to 705 euros is being discussed, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MNE) is offering job vacancies for values ​​below that value.

One of these vacancies is for a senior technician at the Embassy of Portugal in Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan, where a monthly salary of 212.24 gross euros, plus 3.83 euros meal allowance for each working day.

And it should be noted that Pakistan is a country with several associated risks, namely because of the terrorism.

But there is also a vacancy for a technical assistant in Lima, not Peru, for 633 euros gross.

On the other hand, a vacancy for the embassy of Portugal in Windhoek, in Namibia, predicts a monthly salary of 944.91 euros gross.

The post of technical assistant at the Consulate General of Portugal in Hamburg, in Germany, will be remunerated with 1,947.91 euros gross a month.

One of the highest salaries concerns the vacancy in the Portuguese Delegation to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (DELNATO), in Brussels, where a salary of 2,048.64 euros gross per month, plus 5.46 euros of meal allowance per day.

Blame it on the “pay schedules”

In statements to Eco, a source from the MNE justifies the values ​​with “the salary tables of workers recruited to perform functions in the external peripheral services (SPE)”.

“These values ​​also reflect the updates resulting from the increases decreed for the Civil Service, as well as, when applicable, respect for mandatory rule of local public order to set a national minimum wage”, the ministry also points out.

Lead to OE2022 postponed salary review

The lead in the 2022 State Budget (OE2022) also postponed negotiations with the sector’s Union.

The secretary general of the Union of Consular Workers, Diplomatic Missions and Central Services (STCDE), Rosa Teixeira Ribeiro, also points out to Eco that the proposed value for Islamabad results from the salary scales defined by a ordinance of 2013.

“A initial remuneration it was 857 euros for a service assistant, 1,628.30 euros for a technical assistant and 2,828.10 euros for a superior technician”, highlights Rosa Teixeira Ribeiro, stressing that it is “a country with extremely difficult living conditions and daily life heavy”.

But the Government PSD-CDS “understood to review the salary tables, drastically reducing remuneration by 70% of countries, with Pakistan’s pay one of the most scandalous, as the first remunerative position, that of the residency assistant, rose to 80.50 euros, an operational assistant to 89.85 euros, a technical assistant to 124.64 euros and a senior technician to 176.82 euros”, highlights the secretary -general from STCDE to Eco.

The secretary general of the Union emphasizes that, “at the very least, the Portuguese minimum wage must be guaranteed to those who work for the Portuguese State abroad”.

“We do not accept the idea that workers should be paid at the local minimum wage, which is generally intended for unskilled personnel. Furthermore, the cost of 1,300 workers, serving five million Portuguese people abroad, is a drop in the budget“concludes Rosa Teixeira Ribeiro.

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