the 220 million euros involved were won in France

EUROMILLIONS RESULTS – The winning grid for the October 15, 2021 draw was validated in France. By winning € 220 million, the lucky player thus becomes the biggest winner of a European lottery. What are the winning numbers?

[Mis à jour le 16 octobre 2021 à 14h06] It took “only” two draws for the historic EuroMillions jackpot brought into play on Friday, October 15 to be won. And, cocorico, the winner of the European lottery which amounted for the first time to 220 million euros has validated his grid in France. It becomes the biggest winner ever recorded in France by the Française des Jeux (FDJ) since the creation of EuroMillions in 2004. The organization is moreover delighted with our colleagues from the Parisian: “The FDJ is pleased that this gain has been won in France “. And the FDJ to continue: “If we do not yet know where he comes from exactly, he becomes the biggest winner of a lottery in France, notes Le Parisien. The new multimillionaire now has sixty days to make himself known to him. of the gaming company and thus recover its jackpot. In order to ensure the stability of the winners, it will be taken care of by the service of the big winners. Isabelle Cesari, responsible for the winners of the FDJ explains at the microphone of franceinfo that: “We offer thematic workshops on different subjects: wealth management, notarial management, personal development, philanthropy …”. If you haven’t already done so, check below for the winning numbers of this historical draw:

The Euromillions draw of October 15, 2021:

  • 21-26-31-34-49 and the star numbers: 2-5
  • Code MyMillion : UL 815 5842 (Internet)

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Thanks to this combination, the still unknown player becomes the biggest winner of a lottery in France. We have to go back to February 26, 2021 to find the last winner of a super jackpot, who this time was Switzerland. In France, the last record dates from December 2020. In the South of France, a player had won 200 million euros. The new winner should therefore not forget this date of October 15, which made him a super millionaire. The pot had also aroused many curious. More than 60 million tickets were sold during this draw across the twelve participating countries. This is far from what the FDJ expected with 4 to 6 million grids.

Wondering which numbers to play on your EuroMillions grid to pocket the € 220 million jackpot? On its site, La Française des Jeux provides the statistics of the EuroMillions draw, the latest winning combinations, but also the numbers that come out most often. As such, the number 23 has emerged most frequently in the EuroMillions results since 2004, with 169 occurrences, the last dating back to October 8, 2021. Follow the 44 and the 19 (166 times each), the 50 (165 times) and 5 (163 times). As for the stars, the 2 and 8 were drawn the most times.