The alleged attacker of Eric Zemmour indicted for “willful violence”

The man suspected of having slightly injured the far-right presidential candidate Eric Zemmour on his wrist by grabbing him during his meeting on Sunday in Villepinte (Seine-Saint-Denis) was examined for “Voluntary violence”, learned Agence France-Presse (AFP), Wednesday, December 8, from the Bobigny prosecutor’s office.

The alleged aggressor is indicted for “Voluntary violence with ITT (total incapacity for work) more than eight days and placed under judicial supervision “, said the prosecution. The man is also prohibited from leaving the country, from holding or carrying a weapon and from coming into contact with the victim, he added.

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The respondent is accused of causing an injury to the candidate’s wrist by grabbing him before he entered the scene. The man was immediately exfiltrated and then arrested by the police.

The entourage of the far-right candidate had let it be known on Sunday evening that he had been prescribed nine days of temporary work interruption (ITT). The Bobigny prosecutor’s office, however, stressed Monday that the certificate provided had not been established by a medico-judicial unit, the only one empowered to determine the ITT for criminal prosecution.

SOS-Racism activists raped

In a parallel procedure linked to this political rally, the Bobigny public prosecutor’s office also opened an investigation into the violence committed against SOS Racism activists who came to protest in the room against the candidate.

After sporting T-shirts with letters used to form the message ” No to racism ! “, anti-racist activists were jostled by supporters of the far-right candidate, then violently beaten, sometimes by several people simultaneously. Videos show they were targeted by multiple chair throws. An activist from SOS-Racisme notably been filmed with bloody face at the end of these clashes.

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On the side of Mr. Zemmour’s campaign team, this violence has not been condemned. These persons “Did not have to be there, we must not come and provocate in our room”, reacted Antoine Diers, spokesperson for the new party of the far-right candidate, Reconquest. “If there was excessive use of force, I regret it, but I find that with all the provocations we are subjected to, we are really very, very calm”, he added. “We are the most provoked people. We have the impression of being caricatured all the time. In a democratic country, everyone has the right to defend ideas ”, did he declare. Asked Tuesday about RMC, Mr. Zemmour said he did not want “Calm the ardor of [s]are supporters ”.

These two separate investigations were entrusted to the departmental security.

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