the ex-spouse indicted and imprisoned, dysfunctions pointed out

The same terrible mechanics. The same dysfunctions pointed out drama after drama. The 36-year-old man arrested on Friday for the murder of his ex-girlfriend fatally stabbed at her home in Bordeaux was indicted and remanded in custody on Sunday July 4, the prosecutor announced.

As the suspect stood before the judge, several hundred people and relatives moved to tears, with flowers and candles, paid tribute to the 31-year-old victim, Sandra P., in front of her house, where she was stabbed in head and throat, Friday morning. A drama that occurred two months after the murder of a woman burned alive by her ex-spouse in the neighboring town of Mérignac.

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“It’s not fair, she fought (…) she wrote to the prosecutor, she wrote everywhere”, launched in tears, the mother of the victim, arrived from Spain. “We stayed six months [chez elle] to protect it! “

Mickaël F., the former companion arrested on Friday by the Raid at his home, 650 meters from the victim’s home, was indicted for “murder by spouse” by an examining magistrate, then placed in provisional detention, said prosecutor Frédérique Porterie.

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Violation of a judicial review ordered three days before

Described as depressive, with « addictions » alcohol, he went to his ex-partner, Franco-Spanish born in Andorra, in violation of a judicial review ordered three days earlier after two complaints against him for harassment and psychological violence. The mother of their 4-year-old daughter had left him in early January after ten years together, a separation he “Obviously couldn’t stand”, according to the prosecutor.

According to his own account, he broke into her home at 4:02 a.m. Friday, and hid in a lean-to. With gloves on, he waited for the young woman to come back from school after dropping off his daughter, “To push it” in the accommodation and “Try to have an explanation”, the prosecutor said in a statement. According to his version, the young woman would have escaped from his embrace to take a knife and a fight would have started on the ground, then he evoked a ” black hole “ as he tried to overpower her and grab the knife.

Sentenced eight times between 2004 and 2009 (traffic offenses and narcotics), the ex-spouse had never been for violence, especially domestic violence, according to Porterie.

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No phone big danger

But since the beginning of the year, Sandra P. was “Hunted” and “Was afraid every day”, according to Cécile, a close neighbor. The victim had complained to the police in January, then in March to the prosecution to denounce the behavior “Obsessive” of his ex-companion who “Roamed around her house” and harassed her with phone messages about their separation and custody of the girl, according to the prosecution.

A first investigation into a January 6 complaint denouncing “Psychological violence” and “Telephone harassment” had been classified under conditions for him to undertake a therapeutic follow-up and an internship for perpetrators of domestic violence.

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Then, just before the tragedy on Monday, he was taken into police custody as part of the March 30 complaint. On Tuesday, the prosecution decided to prosecute him in court on November 16 for “Repeated sending of malicious messages (…) between January 3 and June 17”. Under judicial control, he then had “Ban on contact” with her and “Obligation to take care of oneself”.

A measure deemed insufficient by the Apafed association which fights against domestic violence. “The Keeper of the Seals announced the deployment of 3,000 high-risk telephones, I ask that these telephones come out of the court drawers”, declared its director, Naïma Charaï.

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In March 2019, The world set up an investigation unit to investigate conjugal feminicides in France. For a year, around ten journalists from World tried to understand the roots of these crimes and how they could be prevented. This work was reflected throughout the year by the regular publication of surveys.

It concludes with the publication of a fourteen page supplement in the newspaper published on May 30, by broadcast, Tuesday June 2 on, a large format composed of ten chapters, ” Feminicides: mechanics of an announced crime », And a documentary on France 2 in the evening.

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