the film was controversial when it was released, the reasons

GONE GIRL. David Fincher signs a critically-acclaimed and popular thriller starring Gone Girl. Released in 2014, the film worn by Rosamund Pike and Ben Affleck was controversial.

[Mis à jour le 9 janvier 2022 à 20h40] Gone Girl caused a sensation when it was released in theaters in 2014. David Fincher’s thriller was very well received by critics and audiences, but was the subject of controversy over its second part and its outcome. Without revealing anything to the spectators who have not yet discovered it, Gone Girl is accused by Joan Smith (The Guardian, 2014) of “recycling rape myths”, recalling that false claims of rape are very rare. Dare feminism for its part publishes an article accusing the feature film of “turning into the perfect illustration of masculinist theses”: “Amy embodies the patriarchal cliché of ideal female perversion, which uses psychological violence, the alleged favorite weapon of women , to humiliate and hurt her husband. […] Conversely, Nick appears to be a poor man victim of women.

The feminist association believes that the plot of the feature film uses “the worn essentialist rhetoric of the perverse woman, a cliché oh so popular in literature, the arts and cinema”. “It is extremely damaging, on the one hand, to highlight female violence which is a totally minority phenomenon and, on the other hand, to trivialize and thus justify male violence by provoking the spectator’s empathy and support. “

The screenwriter responds to controversies over Gone Girl

In 2013, as the Time Out reporter described the conclusion of Gone Girl as “divisive”, the screenwriter and author of the novel Gillian Flynn explains that she wanted to take the opposite view of the image of the naturally good and benevolent woman. “I spent 24 hours hesitating and saying to myself ‘I killed feminism. Why did I do that? Damn! This is not what I wanted’, she explains a year later in The New York Times. And then very quickly, I felt very comfortable with what I had written. ” During this interview, the author replies that when it is men who create bad male characters, they are called anti-heroes: why wouldn’t we do the same with Amy, she wonders. .

For her part, Rosamund Pike explained in an interview with Première that “Gillian Flynn, in the novel, starts from the idea that women like to play the” cool girls “when they meet a man: carefree, warm, never angry. if you play this role for too long, express no anger or feelings, you open the door to resentment and run into an explosion. What really interests the author in the novel is the anger among the people. women. This is a sentiment that is rarely associated with women in culture and the media. “

Synopsis – Nick Dunne (Ben Affleck) and his beautiful wife, Amy (Rosamund Pike), depart New York City to return to their hometown of North Carthage, Missouri. With the money placed by Amy, Nick opens a bar. On their 5th wedding anniversary, Nick reports Amy’s disappearance. Initially, he received great support from the population in his quest to find it. But little by little, Nick becomes the suspect of the murder of his wife. When the police take an interest in him and start questioning him, the married life Nick describes is very different from that recounted by Amy in her diary. And Nick isn’t that innocent as he suggests. Moreover, he maintains an extramarital affair. Based on the novel and a screenplay by Gillian Flynn.