the government consults to close the debate

It had to be a formality. It has become a headache for the executive. Unlike previous five-year terms, the dates of the next presidential election of 2022 have emerged as a subject of controversy between the government and the opposition.

Suspected of wanting to set the schedule on the sly, Emmanuel Macron is now trying to demine this issue, by giving pledges to his rivals in view of the Elyos election. After the trials of intent, place for dialogue and transparency.

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For the sake of appeasement, the Head of State and the Prime Minister, Jean Castex, instructed the Minister of the Interior, Gérald Darmanin, to consult the political forces, before setting in stone the dates of the presidential election .

According to information from World, all party representatives sitting in Parliament will be received by Mr. Darmanin, Monday, July 12, at 12:30 p.m. in Beauvau, for a consultation on the dates of the presidential election and the legislative elections that will follow. The Minister of the Interior, responsible for organizing the polls, “Will present the possible dates, give those that have our preference, and see what each other thinks about them, while re-explaining the rules of the Constitution”, indicates his entourage.

Holidays and public holidays

According to Beauvau, only two pairs of dates are possible for the first and second round of the presidential election: April 10 and 24, or April 17 and 1is may. Because these dates alone are in accordance with the Constitution. According to its article 7, the first round must, in fact, “Take place twenty days at least and thirty-five days at most before the expiration of the powers of the president in office”. And a second round, if necessary, fourteen days after the first.

At the top of the state, holding the poll on April 10 and 24 is the widely preferred option

Knowing that Mr. Macron took office on May 14, 2017 and that his mandate expires on May 13, 2022 at the latest, it is therefore impossible to consider the option of April 24 and May 8, says the Ministry of interior. One way to deny press reports, according to which a second round on May 8, like François Mitterrand, during his re-election in 1988, would have the favor of Emmanuel Macron. What the Elysee in turn denies formally.

At the top of the state, holding the poll on April 10 and 24 is the widely preferred option. That of April 17-1is may have the disadvantage of counting two zones on vacation during the two votes, with a second round which would be held during a public holiday, “During which demonstrations are traditionally organized”, recalls Beauvau.

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