The HSV releases Toni Leistner

There is no day without new headlines about Toni Leistner. Now the quarrels about the central defender have reached a new level: As the HSV confirmed in the afternoon, Leistner was released from the club and should look for a new club. Already on Wednesday he will no longer take part in the professional training – because coach Tim Walter is said to have spoken out in favor of it.

Leistner and HSV – nothing works anymore. At the start of the week, HSV informed its permanent reservist that he should leave the club this summer if possible. On Monday evening, an Instagram post made the rounds in which Leistner complained in conversation with a fan about the philosophy of HSV and his coach. However, the 31-year-old assured HSV that the post was a fake tear-out.

Club confirms: HSV releases Toni Leistner

But that shouldn’t be enough explanation for Walter. As MOPO learned, the trainer is said to have campaigned internally to release Leistner from training with immediate effect. Because the coach fears that Leistner could poison the atmosphere within the team?

In any case, the climate between Walter and the defender is tense. Already almost two weeks ago, after HSV’s 2: 3 in the derby near St. Pauli, Walter Leistner is said to have reprimanded violently because, in his opinion, he was talking too good-humoredly with the opponent’s players in the cabin corridor.

HSV: Toni Leistner should look for a new club

Now the really big bang followed. In “open-ended discussions” between the HSV officials and Leistner, the player “did not want to accept the role he was supposed to play within the team in the form presented,” the club announced in the afternoon. The defender had “for his part once again clearly expressed the wish for more playing time this season”. Leistner is now to fulfill this wish with a new club, he will “no longer play a role in the further planning of the season”, it said in the message.

It is unclear, however, whether HSV’s wish that Leistner will leave the club by the end of the transfer period next Tuesday can be implemented. If Leistner does not go, HSV would have to terminate the contract with him at great expense – or let Leistner train with the U21s.