The Internet is coming for 6.15 euros a month

Portugal is one of the countries of the European Union that offers the best infrastructure for Internet access. However, according to some organizations, the prices are high. As already happens in the energy segment, where there is a social tariff, this will also happen in the communications segment.

According to ANACOM, the social internet tariff should cost 6.15 euros per month (5 euros + VAT).

The Social Tariff is an additional discount on Internet services aimed at economically vulnerable consumers. This type of tariff already exists in the energy market and will soon reach the communications market. In the ANACOM proposal, which published at the end of last week, it can be read that...

the application of a monthly fee of five euros (6.15 euros with VAT at the rate of 23%) for the broadband Internet access service, considering that this amount allows to meet the objective of guaranteeing the affordability of the price for low-income consumers or those with special social needs for this service.

The regulator also proposes to...

setting a maximum price of 21.45 euros (26.38 euros with VAT at the rate of 23%) in return for activating the service, and/or access equipment, namely routers

In order to comply with the aforementioned obligation to define the bandwidth necessary for the provision of the broadband Internet access service provided for in the aforementioned diploma, as well as the minimum quality of service parameters, namely download and upload speed, ANACOM approved the probable sense of decision (SPD) which determines that:

  • to ensure the provision of the set of services that must be supported by the Internet access service, the providing companies must ensure a minimum download speed of 10 Mbps and a minimum upload speed of 1 Mbps;
  • the minimum amount of monthly traffic to be included in the offer associated with the social tariff for broadband Internet access must be 12 GB.

The public consultation runs until September 10th.