the main measures of Anne Hidalgo’s program

In a France governed by Anne Hidalgo, the State would advance the costs for the renovation of your thermal strainer, the law would consider as an employee the delivery man who brings you dinner, and each young person would receive 5,000 euros on their 18th birthday. The world took note of the 70 measures of the program that the candidate was to present on January 13, in an attempt to relaunch her struggling campaign.

If education and youth are the “First of [ses] combats », it is the defense of the environment that would cost the public accounts the most. In a first version, the ecological question was also at the top of the program, but in this document it has moved to second position behind the priority of “Revalue work”. Review of the main measures.

  • Work: higher and fairer wages

Anne Hidalgo’s first proposal is to increase salaries, in particular by boosting the minimum wage by 15% as soon as she comes to power. The socialist wants the highest salary in a company to not exceed twenty times the lowest salary. Pay equality between women and men must be a reality at the end of the mandate: to do this, recalcitrant companies may be penalized. While there is no longer any question of doubling the salaries of teachers as such, they will have to progressively reach a salary “At the level” that of executives.

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Anne Hidalgo intends to repeal the reform of unemployment insurance, in favor of another by which “The time of unemployment will really become a time of activity in the service of the professional project”. It intends to allow companies that wish to move forward towards reducing working time. The time savings account will be the right of everyone. For workers on digital platforms, including delivery people, “The law will establish in their favor a presumption of wage employment” making them eligible for the minimum wage as well as for social protection.

  • Environment: no new nuclear reactors

Anne Hidalgo wants to include in the Constitution the fight against global warming and the loss of biodiversity, and internationally defend the creation of an international criminal court for the environment. On energy, she wants 100% renewable ” as quickly as possible “, without construction of new nuclear reactors.

On the transport side, the aim is to install a million new charging stations for electric vehicles, and to encourage the return of small rail lines and night trains. The price of the plane ticket will be increased by a carbon tax if the journey can be done by train in such a way « comparable ».

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