the National Rally calls on Eric Zemmour “not to divide the forces” of the extreme right

After having ignored the far-right polemicist Eric Zemmour for several weeks, the National Rally (RN) launched the counter-attack. Several personalities of the far-right party called on Monday, October 11 Mr. Zemmour to “Do not divide the forces” of the far right against Emmanuel Macron.

“Our only opponent is Emmanuel Macron, the gravedigger of the national interest. We have no opponent in the national camp ”, Sébastien Chenu, RN deputy from the North said on Franceinfo on Monday, before recalling that he “Do not divide the forces of the national camp”. “We must reserve our blows to Macron and fighting between us makes no sense”, warned the spokesperson for the RN, arguing that “Marine Le Pen is the woman for the job”.

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If he judges that Eric Zemmour is ” close “ ideologically from the RN, he did not hesitate to scratch the ultraconservative polemicist – who is not yet a presidential candidate – on his lack of proposals. “I saw that Eric Zemmour considered that it was not his level to deal with the question of the purchasing power of the French”, he tackled. “Marine Le Pen made the correct diagnosis and she has a battery of reforms which are legally immediately applicable”, says MP RN.

Same cautious warning from the RN mayor of Perpignan, Louis Aliot. He sees in Mr. Zemmour a “Novelty in the political system”, that the chosen one also thinks to be “In the same political family” than the RN, but regretted Monday on the CNews channel that“Today it divides the national family”.

“Zemmour does not shake up our agenda”, assures Bardella

This media offensive takes place as Mme Le Pen now appears to be closely followed by Eric Zemmour in several polls, or even exceeded in the Harris Interactive poll for Challenges published Wednesday October 6. Six months before the presidential election, this survey places Mr. Zemmour as qualified for the second round of the presidential election with 17% to 18% of the voting intentions, behind Emmanuel Macron (24% to 27%), while the candidate of the National Rally, Marine Le Pen, would gather 15% to 16%.

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“There is a common ground, a will – in any case, as far as we are concerned – to unite”, assured Mr. Aliot, while “It is up to him to take the step, not to us”, he added, “Persuaded” than the voting intention curves « s’inverseront » in the next weeks.

Questioned at the microphone of Sud Radio, Jordan Bardella, interim president of the RN, hammered on Monday that the “Zemmour moment (…) do not shake up our agenda “, evoking “The more reassuring, more unifying speech” by Marine Le Pen. “It is not the media and the polls that will make the presidential election”, he pleaded. “I have no opponent on the side of those who defend France”, nevertheless recalled Mr. Bardella.

On BFM-TV, Marine Le Pen had mentioned Sunday “Economic and social differences” with Mr. Zemmour, considering that he “Aligns itself with rather liberal and rather classic conservative positions” opposed to his.

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Survey conducted online on October 5 and 6 with a sample of 1,309 people representative of residents of mainland France aged 18 and over, including 1,204 registered on the electoral rolls, according to the quota method, with a margin of ‘error between 1.4 and 3.2 points.

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