the new presenter Marie Portolano does not convince Internet users

The best pastry chef made its comeback on M6 this Thursday, October 7, 2021. For its tenth anniversary, the gourmet show has reserved a few surprises for viewers from the first episode. Starting with a new host, Marie Portolano. But faced with the performance of the latter, the tweeters did not have the heart to the party …

M6 direct screen capture

This October 7, 2021 marked the return of the Best Pastry Chef. And M6’s flagship show is now broadcast on Thursdays, and no longer on Wednesdays as usual. What destabilize the viewers as did a few days earlier the new programming of Koh-Lanta Where Dance with the stars. On the occasion of its tenth anniversary, other novelties were already to be discovered during this first evening: exceptionally, twenty candidates had the honor of competing with electric beaters and piping bags. in front of the cameras.

Of these twenty characters, only fourteen were however selected at the end of the show, to continue the adventure under the tent. Among them are colorful characters whose presence in the show surprises: in addition to a ch’ti dressing table covered with tattoos and an airline pilot, the 2021 cast includes a former ecological deputy from Vienne as well as ‘a former Miss Philippines and Miss World first runner-up. Something to talk about some twittos who thought they saw a “reality TV” twist and seemed to regret the usual anonymous …

But this is not the only regret they expressed on the social network to the blue bird from the first minutes. For four years, Julie Vignali hosted the show, with the jury made up of Cyril Lignac and Mercotte. But this season, the host has preferred to give way to a colleague: Marie Portolano, sports journalist who joined M6 during the year 2021. A young talent that some Internet users already have the feeling of having seen a lot on the chain for a few months. The pretty blonde notably animated the Extraordinary evening and The Stars travel back in time at Puy du Fou.

Faced with a teasing Cyril Lignac who said to wait for it “to prove itself”, it did not hide its great stress to take up the torch of the animation of the Best pastry chef. Difficult indeed to compete with the daring jokes, gluttony and natural malice of Julia Vignali. Unsurprisingly, Internet users have therefore not given him a gift. On twitter, their opinions on his performance were rather negative.

Wouldn’t this be a normal reaction due to the change in style between the facilitators? The following weeks will tell us. In the meantime, some Internet users have all the same affirmed to appreciate Marie Portolano and to find her “cute” with the candidates.