the Panchir Valley, the last bastion of resistance, in the hands of the Taliban


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M. Burgot, B. Bervas, D. Ollieric

France 2

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The Taliban announced on September 6 that they had taken control of the Panchir Valley. This difficult-to-access area, located north of Kabul, was held by Commander Massoud’s son. It had never fallen into the hands of the Taliban and was the last bastion of resistance.

The Taliban hoist their flag on the governor’s palace in Bazarak, the capital of Panchir, in eastern Afghanistan. This is the image they want to show the world on Monday, September 6, that of the capture of the last bastion of the resistance against the fundamentalists. “I assure you, on behalf of our Islamic Emirate, that no harm will be done to you”, declares a Taliban to the local population.

In Kabul, the spokesperson declared in a press conference that from now on, any insurgency will be harshly repressed. The message is addressed to the son of Commander Massoud, who has taken up the torch of the resistance. The latter calls for a national uprising. “I invite all my brothers and sisters to stand up, demonstrate and take up arms”, he says in a radio message. “If this victory were confirmed as total, then it would be a very strong symbolic victory for the Taliban who would show their military capabilities”, confirms journalist Dorothée Ollieric live from Kabul. “Succeeding in taking this valley of Panchir deemed impregnable in a few days, it will establish their power over the whole country”, continues the journalist.