the presidential candidates get ahead of the head of state for the wishes

As every year, the President of the Republic will give his own at 8 p.m., but his opponents have preferred to take the lead: several presidential candidates have beaten Emmanuel Macron – who is still not officially a candidate – by presenting, as of the end of the morning, Friday, December 31, their wishes for 2022. It is a “Crucial year” for Marine Le Pen, the one “Last chance” and a « adieu [à] Emmanuel Macron » for Eric Zemmour. On the left, the socialist candidate, Anne Hidalgo, proposed to the French to follow with her “The path of courage and justice”.

2022, a “crucial year” for Marine Le Pen

Glasses on the eyes, a bust of Napoleon and a few books behind him, Eric Zemmour assured, in a video posted on YouTube, that “The coming year will be a very important year, one that will remain etched forever in the history of France”. “2022 will be the year of the last chance, we cannot give up, only we can decide, I need you”, launched the far-right candidate, against the backdrop of images of his meetings. “Goodbye weakness, resignation and submission, goodbye Emmanuel Macron, hello France. The reconquest begins this evening at midnight », he assured.

For Marine Le Pen, the candidate of the National Rally, “The year 2022, the year of a great political choice, will be for you and for us, the French, a crucial year”. “I invite you not to watch or wait for the presidential election, but to do it”, she added, framed between a vase of flowers and a French flag, in a video posted on social networks. “Let us all be aware that the people only have the nation to defend it and the nation only has the people to defend it”, underlined Mme Le Pen.

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For her part, Anne Hidalgo dreams of“A France reconciled in justice, a France united around the values ​​of the Republic, a France for all”. “There is a republican, social, ecological and progressive alternative”, she argues. “This is the goal of a left which must unite, as I have proposed, and as I will continue to do without ever being discouraged”, added the one who called for a primary on the left to put an end to the scattering of candidatures.

In front of the replica of the Statue of Liberty of Ile aux Cygnes, in Paris, Nicolas Dupont-Aignan, the candidate of Debout la France, presented himself as the herald of the ” freedom “ and called to “Democratic leap to restore power to the French people”, in a video also posted on YouTube.

Defense of the balance sheet

During his vows, Friday evening, Emmanuel Macron should highlight his record, less than four months before the presidential election, despite a climate plagued by the epidemic outbreak, which, like the previous ones, vampirizes the news.

A year ago, after ten months of an epidemic, the Head of State launched, sitting next to a fireplace at the Elysee: “Hope is there”, alluding to the beginning of the vaccination campaign he was asking his government to speed up. He promised “A stronger economy” and “A new French morning”. Since then, three successive waves have each time dampened the hope of a rapid exit from the crisis. In 2018 and 2019, it is in the light of two other violent shocks, that of the “yellow vests” and then of the contested pension reform that he sent his wishes for the new year.

This time, the Head of State, just back from his Var resort, Brégançon, will “List the country’s challenges for 2022, including the French presidency of the European Union and the management of the pandemic”, but also “Look lucidly at the past months and pragmatically at the months to come”, let know the Elysee without further details. Whoever has not yet announced whether he would stand again should defend his management of the health crisis and highlight the good news in terms of the economy and employment. Massively supported by the State, growth should reach 6.7% in 2021, then is expected to be around 3.6% for 2022, according to the Banque de France. And unemployment remains at its lowest since 2008, at 8.1%.

Its prime minister will be on the ground Friday evening, to show his support for the police responsible for ensuring the safety of New Year’s Eve on the Champs-Elysées, where alcoholic gatherings will be banned and bars will have to close at 2 time. Jean Castex will then show his support for caregivers during a visit to Cochin hospital, and finally to the firefighters.

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