the right and the far right criticize the declaration of the Minister of Overseas Territories

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17h05 : It is high time to take stock of the news:

• Two cases of the Omicron variant have been identified in the UK, the UK Department of Health announced on Saturday afternoon. Earlier today, a first suspected case of this new variant was detected in Germany in a person recently returned from South Africa. Follow our live.

Is a debate on a possible autonomy of Guadeloupe the solution to the crisis that is shaking the department? While the Minister of Overseas Affairs, Sébastien Lecornu, said to himself “ready” to speak about the autonomy of the department, Victorin Lurel, senator PS of Guadeloupe, estimated on franceinfo that it is necessary to ask the question “with caution”.

• The midwives are again called to strike for a third “black weekend” in maternity hospitals. Despite the recent announcements by the government, which has promised to increase the salary of midwives by 500 euros and to create a sixth year of training, the National Union of Midwives (ONSSF) ensures that “that will not be enough to create a shock of attractiveness to come to work under the current conditions.” We tell you more in this article.

The first day of the Biathlon World Cup continues in Sweden, with the men’s individual. Follow the competition live.

17h04 : “It is a request of elected officials but not necessarily that of the population, and I did not really read that in the platform of the demands of the unions and the inter-union.”

Is a debate on a possible autonomy for Guadeloupe the solution to the crisis that is shaking the department? For Victorin Lurel, PS senator from Guadeloupe interviewed by franceinfo, the question must be asked “with caution”.

15h56 : Our journalist Fabien Magnenou spent several days in Guadeloupe, in order to hear the words of the demonstrators. We published his report this morning, in which he evokes the feeling of downgrading and the lack of recognition of the local specificities at the origin of this social movement, which began with the rejection of the obligation to vaccinate caregivers.


17h03 : “It is to move back to jump better (…) It is a terrible violence which does not answer the situation.”

Jocelyn Zou, chief warrant officer and standard bearer of the fight against the vaccine obligation in Guadeloupe, reacted to the microphone of Guadeloupe La 1ère to the postponement to December 31 of this measure.

17h03 : In Fort-de-France, during the night, rioters attacked and destroyed the Post Office of Godissard with a tractor and a service station was set on fire, report our colleagues from Martinique La 1ère.

17h02 : Another night of riots agitated Martinique. The police arrested nine people and the custody measures are still in progress, in particular for aggravated thefts, announces the parquet floor of Fort-de-France in a press release. “Five people were presented and taken into custody, either as part of investigative proceedings, or for immediate or delayed appearance” and “two other people will be presented to the prosecution today“, he continues.

13h35 : By declaring that the government was “ready” Speaking of Guadeloupe’s autonomy, Sébastien Lecornu attracted the attention of the right-wing opposition. On Twitter, the Minister of Overseas is responding to the Republican nomination candidate, Xavier Bertrand.

13h34 : Here is a new update on the news at midday:

• A first suspected case of the new Omicron variant has been detected in Germany in a person recently returned from South Africa, announce the regional authorities of the state of Hesse (west). “The Omicron variant is in all likelihood already present in Germany”, announced on Twitter the regional Minister of Social Affairs, Kai Klose. Follow our live.

• The government is “ready” to talk about the autonomy of Guadeloupe, a department affected by a violent crisis, said yesterday the Minister of Overseas Affairs, Sébastien Lecornu. Follow our live.

• A new conjugal feminicide. A 44-year-old woman was stabbed at the foot of her building in Epinay-sur-Seine (Seine-Saint-Denis) by her companion, announces the Bobigny parquet. The latter had just come out of prison after serving a sentence for violence.

The biathlon season starts this weekend, in Östersund (Sweden), for a first time trial stage with the individual on Saturday, and a sprint tomorrow. An expected and promising 2021-2022 World Cup, with Franco-Norwegian duels in perspective.

13h29 : Our colleagues from Guadeloupe La 1ère, report that the evening was very agitated at Grand Camp. “Shots were fired between 7:30 p.m. and 3 a.m. and individuals attempted to rob the Carrefour Market. An unsuccessful attempt (…) Many remains of roadblocks litter the roads”, they report in a direct dedicated to the social crisis.

13h26 : There were no injuries. Several police officers were again the target of live ammunition and lead fire overnight in Martinique and Guadeloupe, AFP learned from police sources. A Raid police officer was shot in his bulletproof vest at a roundabout in Pointe-à-Pitre, Guadeloupe, and a second was hit by a lead near looters, according to the agency . In Fort-de-France, Martinique, police officers were also targeted by “fire” as they intervened at a gas station.

13h18 : The Bretons are watching this morning from the other side of the Atlantic Ocean. The Telegram made its headline on the“conflagration” in the West Indies.

10h55 : This statement by the Minister of Overseas Territories in any case makes a part of the right leap. On Twitter, the candidate of the National Assembly for the presidential election, Marine Le Pen, and Eric Ciotti, candidate for the nomination of the Republicans, castigate the government for its management of the social movement.

12h55 : In the wake of the mobilization, the government said “ready” Speaking of Guadeloupe’s autonomy, Sébastien Lecornu, Minister of Overseas Affairs, announced last night. “According to [les manifestants], Guadeloupe could better manage itself. They want less equality with France, more freedom of decision by local decision-makers. (…) there are no bad debates, as long as these debates serve to resolve the real problems of everyday life for Guadeloupeans “, did he declare.

12h55 : Among the demonstrators met by franceinfo, they are numerous to advocate “an institutional evolution” in order to endow the island with increased prerogatives and to recognize its particularities. “When the laws are voted in the Assembly, there should be a component on the specificity of overseas”, proclaims Jocelyn Zou, deputy secretary general of the Guadeloupe firefighters’ Force Ouvrière. Jocelyn Zou, Deputy Secretary General of Force Ouvrière for Guadeloupe firefighters, at the Perrin des Abymes roundabout (Guadeloupe), November 25, 2021. (FABIEN MAGNENOU / FRANCEINFO)(FABIEN MAGNENOU / FRANCEINFO)

12h53 : It all started with the vaccination obligation of caregivers, as well as the establishment of the health pass against Covid-19. But the claims are actually much broader. While a large-scale social movement is underway in the West Indies, I went to Guadeloupe, where the feeling of downgrading and the lack of recognition of local specificities caused anger to explode.

A protester drives a fire truck through a dam in Le Gosier (Guadeloupe), November 23, 2021. (FABIEN MAGNENOU / FRANCEINFO)(FABIEN MAGNENOU / FRANCEINFO)