the scathing reframing of an arbitrator on the Mbappé controversy

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Bitter night on the side of Spain after the defeat against the France team in the final of the League of Nations (1-2). And this all the more because of the French victory goal, which gave rise to a big controversy because Mbappé seemed clearly in an offside position. Only a voluntary intervention by Eric Garcia, who deflected the ball by tackling, put the PSG striker in play and his goal was therefore valid. What still does not happen in Spain, where we consider the stupid rule and the intervention of Eric Garcia caused by the illegal position of Mbappé at the base.

Players should know the rules better, he says

But in the face of these controversies, a scathing reframing came from the former Spanish international referee Iturralde Gonzalez, now a consultant for AS and Cadena SER. “The players have to know the rules, they have a lot of free time and there are only 17 rules,” said the international referee.

According to him, the controversy over an Eric Garcia disturbed by Mbappé is irrelevant, the regulations being clear on the potential notion of interference from Mbappé which could have made the goal invalid. “To interfere is to cross your visual field. He does not interfere. He does not dispute the ball. To interfere is not to let him out. Eric García can do whatever he wants. For him (Mbappé) to be out of the game, he must interfere. He (Garcia) touches the ball to try to cut the pass. He rehabilitates him. The referee did not have to go see the action on the monitor because it is an objective playing action, ”concluded the international referee.

to summarize

If the goal of Kylian Mbappé did not fail to cause controversy in Spain, a renowned referee has clearly reframed things. According to him, the real problem is ignorance of the rules and not a potential controversial offside.