The search for Brian Laundrie ended but questions remain about his death and that of Gabby Petito | Univision News Events

Dental records scrutinized by the FBI confirmed this week that the skeletal remains found on Florida’s Carlton reservation belong to Brian Laundrie, the boyfriend of the murdered young woman Gabby Petito. But the finding is far from helping to solve the case that has drawn attention in the United States.

A key point remains unclear, under what circumstances Petito was murdered, and there are also other open questions that may never have an answer.

After a trip with his girlfriend through natural parks that they documented on social networks, Laundrie returned home alone, in Petito’s white van, on September 1. Ten days later, her family reported her missing.

This triggered a massive operation to find his whereabouts there. More than a month later, they found skeletal remains that belong to the 23-year-old and, which apparently had been under water prior to the search. His death has raised questions like the ones we need below:

A notebook that could shed light on the death of Gabby Petito

Along with the human remains found this week, investigators also found a backpack with some belongings and a notebook. The contents of the notebook are still unknown, and there could be some clue inside that could help unravel this case.

Since the area where Laundrie’s remains were found was under water, the notebook is completely wet and investigators are tasked with doing whatever they can to rescue her.

Possibly in its pages there is a possible farewell letter from Laundrie or even an explanation of what happened with Petito. Also annotations or any other clue that provides more details about the death of both young people, according to the authorities.