The three new phases of deconfinement in Portugal

Portugal starts to have measures that cover the whole country, instead of being applied by councils, from Sunday. The Government also defined three phases for the reopening. For example, as of August 1st, teleworking is no longer mandatory and there is no longer any duty to pay. In September, wearing a mask in the street is also no longer mandatory. Discos and bars may reopen in October.

The measures were announced by the prime minister, António Costa, from the Ajuda Palace, in Lisbon.

“Contribution” of vaccination

The prime minister says that Portugal is, at the moment, with a covid-19 transmissibility rate below 1 a Nacional level. Highlights that the restrictive measures what’s upvaccination advance contributed to this.

Live from the Ajuda Palace, in Lisbon, António Costa compares the admission numbers in January “very serious” with the current “contained” numbers. As for the Deaths speaks of a “gigantic difference” between the January vacancy, with high numbers, and the current vacancy.

“Vaccination has made a very positive contribution”, he claims.

The responsible points to 57% of the Portuguese population with full vaccination against covid-19 in the Next sunday, August 1st. In the beggining of september, the predictions are of 70% is at October 85%.


As of August 1, the measures no longer apply county to county and begin to cover the entire country, since the rate of “vaccination is homogeneous”, the Delta variant is throughout the national territory and we are in a period of “great mobility” due to the holidays.

O commerce, catering and cultural shows start to have normal schedule (limited to 02:00) and are subject to DGS rules.

As following activities are allowed, upon presentation of the digital certificate of vaccination or a negative test:

  • Travel by air or sea;
  • Tourist establishments and local accommodation;
  • Restaurants inside, on weekends and holidays;
  • Gyms (for group classes);
  • spas and spas;
  • Casinos and bingos;
  • Cultural, sporting or corporate events with more than 1,000 people (outdoors) or 500 people (indoors);
  • Weddings and baptisms with more than 10 people (until 02:00).

On weddings and baptisms, Costa recognizes that he insists on this issue because “there are many people. They tend to be unprotected for longer and this increases the risk”.


Based on forecasts for vaccination, the Government defined three progressive phases for the reopening of the country.

However, the prime minister stresses the importance of continuing thepost in personal protection, such as using a mask, physical distance and hand hygiene. António Costa further asks that avoid unnecessary contacts.

Phase 1 – from August 1

They remain closed:

  • Nightclubs;
  • Popular festivals and pilgrimages.

Phase 2 (70% of the population with complete vaccination – scheduled for September 5th)

They remain closed:

  • Nightclubs;
  • Popular festivals and pilgrimages.

Despite the end of the mandatory use of masks in the street, it is still prohibited in closed spaces.

Phase 3 (85% of population with complete vaccination – October)

  • Opening of discos, with digital certificate or negative test;
  • Restaurants with no maximum limit of people per group;
  • End of capacity limits.

Controlling the pandemic with vaccination. Young people under 16 vaccinated?

“Let’s search control the pandemic and ensure a gradual resumption of activity keeping up with the pace of complete vaccination of the Portuguese population”, says António Costa, reinforcing his confidence in the task force.

The prime minister adds that it will be possible to remove restrictions sooner, “if we are fortunate that the dates indicated for completing each of the vaccination phases are completed earlier”.

As for the v.acination of children and young people under 16 years old without illnesses, the prime minister is favorable and ensures that Portugal is prepared for the process. The Government is still awaiting the decision of the Directorate-General for Health.

Despite the vaccination, António Costa stresses that the pandemic has not disappeared. He is confident that this day will come, “you only know when”. Therefore, it calls for compliance with individual measures.

“The virus remains active and mutating. No one is in a position to guarantee that new variants will not exist.”, he claims.

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