The twentieth season of Koh-Lanta ends … without a winner due to “breaches of the code of honor”

Stupor in Koh-Lanta: the twentieth season of the very popular reality TV show on TF1 ended on Tuesday, December 14, without a winner.

“Tonight, I will not proceed to the count” the votes of the jury, which have been invalidated, and “No adventurer will be crowned winner of this edition”, announced Denis Brogniart, the presenter of the show.

“Recently, we became aware of breaches of the code of honor which appears in the rules of the Koh-Lanta game (…), we investigated and we indeed discovered that a small number of adventurers” had arrived “To collect food outside the framework of the game”, he added. It’s about a “Infringement of fairness between competitors” who has “Could distort the rules of the game”, said the host. He called “In moderation, especially on social networks”.

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The organizers have decided to donate the entire gain, i.e. 100,000 euros, to the Pour Bertrand-Kamal fund, named after a former candidate who died of cancer in 2020, a fund dedicated to research on pancreatic cancer and supported by the Arc Foundation for cancer research.

The steak and fries affair

For twenty years, the candidates participating in Koh-Lanta have tried each season to overcome hardships on a desert island where they are provided with the minimum subsistence and must live together to ensure their survival. The cheating case came to light on November 9. During the episode broadcast that evening, one of the emblematic candidates, Teheiura, confessed to having obtained food from the outside, including a steak and fries, something strictly prohibited by the regulations.

This edition brought together candidates who had already participated in the past. It was shot in Polynesia, where Teheiura is from, eliminated after his admission. Koh-Lanta’s production subsequently reported death threats to candidates on social media because of the affair. Reports to the public prosecutor had been made by the production company of the program Adventure Line Production (ALP).

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The newspaper The Parisian had reported that several candidates had themselves lodged a complaint. One of them, Coumba, claimed to have been the target of death threats and racist abuse on social media. According to ALP, the death threats target in particular the Polynesian’s teammates, wrongly accused by anonymous Internet users of having denounced him.

A special program for the 20 years will take place on Tuesday, December 21, while the 2022 edition whose filming has just ended is being held in the Philippines, announced Denis Brogniart.

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