the two Corsican departments placed on orange alert by Météo France

Thunderstorms are expected overnight from Tuesday to Wednesday, with heavy rainfall.

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The two Corsican departments, Haute-Corse and Corse-du-Sud, have been placed on orange alert for rain and floods, Météo France announced on Tuesday (November 9th). Stormy showers will indeed rise from the Tyrrhenian Sea to the south and east of Corsica. “In the middle of the night [de mardi à mercredi], these storms intensify with rainfall intensities of the order of 30 mm / h “ and over three hours, “these accumulations can reach 60 to 80 mm”.

After a lull during the late night and morning, “a new stormy line will come up from the south and will bring moderate to heavy rains from the end of the morning to the east of Corsica until the end of the afternoon”. Overflows are expected on “the top of the western slopes of the relief. Under this stormy line, we find intensities of the order of 20 to 30mm / h.” Thunderstorms will then lose intensity as they move north.

“Although serious, this episode does not seem exceptional, but it requires special follow-up”, warns Météo France. In this context, the prefect of Upper Corsica still announces that the middle schools and high schools of Cervione, Corte and Fium’Orbu will be closed on Wednesday, as well as leisure centers without accommodation. School transport serving the areas of Cervione, the eastern plain and the Cortenais will be suspended. Companies are invited to make the most of teleworking.