The United States and Australia hail the strength of their alliance

US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin (right) and Australian Minister of Defense Peter Dutton sing their national anthems during an honor cordon at the Pentagon September 15, 2021 in Arlington, Virginia.

During a videoconference intended to announce, on September 15, the birth of a new strategic trilateral partnership between the United States, Australia and Great Britain, dubbed “Aukus”, the American president, Joe Biden, appeared forgot the name of Australian head of government Scott Morrison, whom he calls ” my friend “. Tuesday, September 21, no quack of this kind came to mar the first bilateral meeting between the two leaders, organized on the sidelines of the United Nations General Assembly in New York.

Together, the two men praised the strong Australian-American alliance which has taken on a new dimension with Aukus. “The United States has no closer and more reliable ally than Australia”, began Joe Biden. “Mr. President, I want to thank you for your leadership and the attention you pay to the Indo-Pacific region”, replied Scott Morrison.

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The strategic alliance forged between the three Anglo-Saxon countries represents an important step for the conservative official, who, faced with China’s uninhibited will to power, has continued to work for greater involvement of Washington in the zoned. If, in 2011, President Obama launched his “pivot” policy to shift the center of gravity of US diplomacy towards Asia-Pacific, the Trump years had created trouble.

“The great fear of all Indo-Pacific democracies was that the United States would withdraw from the western Pacific. Now, with this new partnership, Joe Biden has proven the seriousness of his commitment to the region. The sharing of technological know-how implied by nuclear-powered submarines is particularly significant ”, says Marcus Hellyer, analyst at the Australian Institute for Strategic Policy.

Strategic and technological leap

The supply of these eight attack submarines, preferred to the twelve Barracuda with diesel-electric propulsion that France was to supply, constitutes the central part of Aukus. These devices, which will be able to remain submerged longer and will be armed with Tomahawk cruise missiles, will strengthen the military capabilities of the island-continent, while strengthening the interoperability of its armaments with those of the American army. Pending their delivery, no earlier than the end of the 2030s, Canberra could lease submarines from its Anglo-Saxon allies or send its submariners to train on their ships.

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