the worrying confidence of Mbappé, towards a risky decision for his future?

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The approach of the fateful date of January 1, when Kylian Mbappé will be officially less than six months from the end of his contract and therefore free to choose his future, makes the Spanish press shudder, watching for the slightest twist in this issue. The latest news, it must be said that Mbappé seems much closer to a departure from Real Madrid at the end of the season than an extension to PSG.

A trend confirmed by an interview with Jesé, former Real Madrid and PSG, who shared the privacy of the locker room with Kylian Mbappé. In remarks relayed by AS, Jesé indeed relays a very clear confidence from the Parisian striker. “He told me he was going to play for Real Madrid one day. But I don’t know if it’s in a year, in two years, in three years, ”revealed Jesé.

Mbappé doesn’t want to say anything before the end of the season!

The Real Madrid dream therefore seems to be well anchored in the mind of Kylian Mbappé who seems set on making a risky decision for the coming months. Indeed, the daily AS ensures that Mbappé would not have the intention to formalize anything about his future by the end of the season. A posture intended not to “harden the situation in Paris”, but which risks putting terrible pressure on his shoulders in the last few months, where the question of his future will inevitably become a daily subject, in Madrid but also in Paris where leaders will no doubt like to be fixed.

to summarize

Kylian Mbappé, the PSG striker, continues to make the front page for Spain. With a future that seems to bring him ever closer to Real Madrid. Indeed, new confidences will not reassure Paris, while the attacker could opt for a risky posture.