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PIt may be difficult to return to work after acute Covid-19 infection or prolonged Covid infection as some symptoms may persist after diagnosis and illness may vary from day to day. On this path, the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work (EU-OSHA) has released two guides that intend to help, on the one hand, the workers and, on the other hand, the managers.

“The two new EU-OSHA guides explain the challenges facing workers returning to work after Covid-19, both in its acute form and when symptoms persist, also known as prolonged Covid. Propose to managers and workers simple solutions for managing return to work“, explains the Authority for Working Conditions (ACT).

Each of the guides offers “practical advice on how to stay in touch during sick leave, the return-to-work interview, measures that may be necessary, for example, temporary adjustments to working hours or roles, and where to get help“, adds the ACT.

You can consult here the guide for workers and here the guide for managers. Manuals are available in multiple languages, including Portuguese.

“One good collaboration it helps the workers in their recovery and the managers to have back to their work teams members of staff that are needed”, adds the ACT.

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