This is how the farewell to Claus Kleber went in the “Heute Journal”

Mainz. Done: “Today Journal” anchorman Claus Kleber mastered his last show in the evening. And it was much more emotional than usual: The editorial team of the show donated a farewell film to the presenter – and Gundula Gause said goodbye with a high five and a hug.

Even the beginning of the “Today Journal” on Thursday evening is unusual. Kleber shows viewers a piece of paper with a fairly large number: the 66-year-old has presented 2977 programs in the past 20 years.

After looking back over the year, Kleber’s colleague Gundula Gause then starts the farewell speech. “Dear Claus, it is very moving news for us that this is your last show. On behalf of the editors: Thank you very much. “Kleber showed a” great journalistic spirit “. Gause sums up “That was a good time. We will miss you”. And even if the newsman would not like to hear it: “An era is coming to an end” with him.

Surprise film from the editorial team

What follows is a surprise film from the editorial team that shows Kleber sometimes in private moments, for example fooling around and making faces. Companions of the newsman also have their say. “Dear Claus, you weren’t just our boss and presenter, you were the heart and soul of this show and the editorial team. Our inspirer and motivator. We will miss you damned, ”says the voice in the post.

Kleber remains steadfast in the face of the warm words – and laughs. Just to get serious again shortly afterwards.

The news situation makes some people look ahead with concern. Kleber is sure that the pandemic leaves a lot of suffering behind, but it will pass. Others, however, remain: The conflict on the Ukrainian border, for example, “what could happen in the Baltic States at some point”, the “demolition of democracy in America that keeps eating away” or “the European idea that has lost its momentum as well some with us ”. All of this does not have to be the case – you have “the knowledge, the technology and the historical experience” to master all of these problems.

“That can be something. But it won’t work without a committed, well-informed public. ”That’s why there must be editorial departments like the people behind“ Heute Journal ”. “Passionate professionals who can compete every morning with the sole aim of making the best possible show. Fearless, without quota pressure and shielded from political pullers. A great team. ”The audience’s trust, however, has to be earned every day.

„Good night and good luck“

Only the “noses” of this show would sometimes change, as Kleber says – just like now. Kleber’s successor will be ZDF journalist Christian Sievers next year.

The last words of the newsman that evening: “Good night and good luck and a happy new year. First of all, thank you very much – everyone here. Bye for now.”

The really last words in Kleber’s farewell program do not come from Kleber himself, but from his long-time colleague Gundula Gause. She offers her colleague a high five, who wins. A hug follows and they both leave the studio. Gause’s last words before the moderator duo leaves the audience alone with music and a treadmill: “Oh, Claus.”

First broadcast in the media library online

Kleber was the face of the ZDF news magazine for almost two decades. From 2003 he presented the program as a presenter, and until 2009 he was also the editor-in-chief.

ZDF is currently paying tribute to the long-time presenter with a special gesture: The media library now has the “Today Journal” edition from February 3, 2003 – the first program in which Kleber was seen as the anchorman. The broadcast will be available in full in the media library until Tuesday, January 4th.