thousands of demonstrators against the vaccine pass project in Paris

Several thousand people demonstrate in Paris and throughout France, Saturday January 8, at the end of a week marked by the declarations of Emmanuel Macron on the unvaccinated and while the Senate will look, from Monday, on the bill establishing a vaccination pass.

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The president said on Friday that he was assuming “Totally” his comments on Tuesday about the unvaccinated, which he said he wanted to“Piss off”accusing some of them of doing “Of their freedom, which becomes an irresponsibility, a slogan”. The authorities anticipate a rebound in mobilization.

“A monumental failure”

In Paris, the parade launched at the call of Florian Philippot (Les Patriotes) started at 3 pm from the Place du Palais-Royal. M. Philippot declares that he expects “The government gives up, that it withdraws this crazy law”. He also wants “Macron apologizes to the French after the dirty and divisive remarks he made.” Mr. Philippot said he hoped that “The French understand that it is necessary to stand up, to stop this infernal cycle of submission, of obedience which [ne] leads nowhere anyway ”.

Demonstration against the vaccine pass in Paris, Saturday January 8, 2022.

In the procession of the demonstration, Bruno Attal, national secretary of the angry France Police-Policiers union, explains: “We are there to piss off the thugs and delinquents, not the citizens who have become“ under citizens ”. The orders, we will apply them, but today we support. “

Demonstration against the vaccine pass in Paris, Saturday January 8, 2022.

“We have a special message for all resilient caregivers who are prevented from working”, “Macron, your mask, we don’t want it, Castex, your pass, we don’t want it”, can we hear the microphone of the truck in the parade.

“Let the labs tell us the truth”

Patrice, 56, came from the Parisian suburbs to express his dissatisfaction. “I am fed up with these restrictions which are not justified because Omicron is not lethal, he explains. These are just political measures. We were not born last rain. I am not an antivax, I am against the pass, which is only a way of controlling. I am super peaceful and I am not behind Philippot. “ For him, it would be necessary “Total transparency on side effects, I will not get vaccinated”. He also adds needing “That the labs tell us the truth”.

Patrice, 56, in Paris on January 8, 2022, explains: “Journalistic propaganda makes me angry. There is no debate. The media should be impartial, apart from the newspaper “FranceSoir” anyway, I no longer believe the newspapers.

“There were other choices than just the vaccine. Why has nothing been done for the hospital during these years?, asks an executive of a banking company, 60 years old, unvaccinated and voter of Jean-Luc Mélenchon in 2017. Instead, we finance laboratories that produce vaccines, it is absurd. Our politicians are no longer credible. They sail on sight, it is a social, economic and democratic catastrophe. “

Sophia, Gaspard and Pierre are three Parisians studying abroad. Currently returned to their parents because their universities have closed, they have come to join the procession. “I am protesting because what is happening today is shameful, it is an abuse of authority from A to Z”, Sophia reacts. They inquire about TrialSiteNews because they believe that “Mainstream media only show a small portion of people.” For Sophia, “It’s too easy to film and interview extremists and conspirators. Understand that young people have the right and the desire to form their own idea and that that does not make us irresponsible or conspiratorial “, she adds. Government decisions “Are not suitable for young people”, Pierre believes. “We are waiting for a strategy that is not all vaccine. There are so many things to do rather than annoying young people, like reforming the hospital system for example. ”

Sophia, Gaspard, Pierre, during the demonstration against the vaccine pass, in Paris, January 8, 2022.

With his wife and his megaphone, Hervé came today from Yvelines to claim “The truth about vaccine dose variability”. “There are too many unanswered questions, worries this 55-year-old trade unionist. How to consent freely? Many French people have been vaccinated reluctantly. (…) There is lie after lie. I no longer trust anyone today. The truth is intentionally hidden. Everything weighs on everything. There is nothing that works normally, you end up becoming a conspirator. I don’t know what will happen with the elections. “

Prohibition to gather at Mont-Saint-Michel

For its part, the prefecture of Manche announced Friday that it had banned all gatherings on Saturday at Mont-Saint-Michel, where a call to demonstrate had been launched by people hostile to the health pass. To justify its decision, the prefecture explains that it has not received any declaration from the prefecture.

In addition, while the department is experiencing a health situation “Very degraded”, with an incidence rate greater than 1,000 cases per 100,000 inhabitants, “The absence of serious measures on the part of the organizers to guarantee the respect of the wearing of the mask and the physical distancing does not allow to authorize such a gathering”.

On Facebook, the collective entitled “No to the South Channel health pass” had made an appointment with its supporters at 2 p.m. at the Couesnon dyke to protest against the vaccination obligation and advocate “Freedom of access to culture for all”.

Over 328,200 new cases in one day

In France, more than 328,200 new cases have been identified over the past twenty-four hours, according to figures released Friday by Public Health France. The start of the school year has been under tension since Monday with the Omicron variant, framed by a new health protocol which requires the multiplication of tests.

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Denouncing “An indescribable mess” and “A strong feeling of abandonment and anger among the staff”, the SNUipp-FSU on Friday launched a call for a national strike for Thursday, January 13 in order to“Obtain the conditions of a secure school under Omicron”. He was joined by most of the other teachers’ unions, SE-UNSA, SNES-FSU, Snalc, CGT-Educ’action, SUD-Education and Force Ouvrière.

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