Torreense Benfica Liga BPI Women’s Football

In the 3rd round of the BPI League champion qualification phase, the women’s football team from Benfica, in the fight for the revalidation of the title, went to Torreense’s ground and won by 0-2.

Many moves in the middle played energetically from side to side, prevalence of the defensive qualities of the antagonists and rare goalscoring opportunities. That was the first half of this match… until Benfica opened the doors of the laboratory to open the scoring! A free kick over the right lane of the attack (43′), Lúcia Alves hit the ball into the small area, the opposing goalkeeper was inconclusive in the attempt to intercept and Pauleta, in an intentional technical gesture, headed with conviction into the goal of Torres Vedras’ team (0-1).

In the second half of the match, the teams were more lively in the last 20 meters of the (synthetic) turf of the Maximino Santos Sports Park, and Torreense, taking risks in the finishing zones, created difficulties for the goalkeeper Letícia Silva and the defensive organization of the Inspiradoras, who knew how to retort.

The accounts regarding the attribution of the three points in this game would be settled when the minute 85. Launched in the complementary stage, Francisca Nazareth provided assistance and Martha Cintra, in a placed shot, already inside the area, shot to the 0-2.

Note further to the Swedish striker Cassandra Korhonen debuts (replaced Cloé Lacasse at 90′), who at 90’+4′ had an opportunity to score, but missed the target.


André Vale (Benfica technical team member): “We knew that Torreense are a very competent team in the defensive moment and then in the offensive transition. This proved to be very much in the first half, we had difficulties in reaching the opponent’s goal with objectivity and with quality. We managed to unlock the game through a dead ball Even trailing 0-1, Torreense maintained the posture of going after the game only in transitions and, in the second half, with individual markings all over the field, it caused us more difficulties. try to put a lot of people in front so we can do it as quickly as possible. We believe that Torreense broke a little bit, we made it 0-2 and the game got lighter, we calmed down mentally and had more ball.”

Marta Cintra (Benfica forward): “We weren’t able to play so well in the first half, the ball bounces a lot on these pitches [sintéticos], but we left here with the result we wanted.”

Benfica women's football team

Maximino Santos Sports Park
Benfica’s eleven
Letícia Silva, Catarina Amado, Sílvia Rebelo, Carole Costa, Lúcia Alves, Andreia Faria (Marta Cintra, 75′), Pauleta, Beatriz Cameirão (Maria Negrao, 90′), Ana Vitória, Cloé Lacasse (Cassandra Korhonen, 90′) and Valeria Cantuário (Francisca Nazareth, 58′)
Carolina Vilão, Ana Seiça, Lara Pintassilgo, Maria Negrão (90′), Marta Cintra (75′), Francisca Nazareth (58′) and Cassandra Korhonen (90′)
at break 0-1
Benfica goals
Pauleta (43′), Marta Cintra (85′)