Toulouse numb and imprecise against Cardiff!

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It is Romain Ntamack who kicks off the meeting with a long kicking game. The Toulousains want to quickly invest the camp of the Welsh. After a succession of faults, the n ° 10 from Toulouse opened the scoring with an easy penalty on 22 meters, 0-3.

The domination is clearly in favor of the visitors especially in scrum. However, Cardiff does not let it go and remains strong in defense to annihilate the defending champion’s offensives. The Toulouse power hurts and the locals are at fault, they offer 3 more points to Romain Ntamack, 0-6.

Against the course of the match, Cardiff flattened the game’s first try through Josh Adams after a scrum and several pick and go times. The test is transformed, the premises pass in front, 7-6.

Ugo Mola’s men respond immediately after a big acceleration from the best player in the world who puts inside for Ntamack then for Anthony Jelonch who spins between the poles, the opener and striker transforms, 7-13.

Once again penalized on scrum, the Welsh forwards offer a penalty to Romain Ntamack, but the opener misses 40 meters, we remain at 7-13.

Cardiff gave everything in the last minutes and doubted the Toulouse a little disconcerted by the game produced by the locals. It was Antoine Dupont who sounded the revolt and who carried his own with a second dazzling pace in the 38th minute. It was Pita Ahki who flattened between the poles after a big percussion on the Cardiff winger. Ntamack continues his harvest at the foot by transforming, 7-20.

Cardiff – Toulouse : 7-20

to summarize

The Toulousains play their hand but are imprecise in a match he dominates. Only Antoine Dupont satisfied in this match.
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