Two PSP agents injured in an accident while searching Luís Filipe Vieira – Benfica

The tax inspector Paulo Silva said this Thursday that all steps in the case involving the president of Benfica were carried out, showing satisfaction with the work carried out, but concerned about elements of the investigation that suffered a road accident.

“What was planned was all carried out, many of the operations have already been carried out after the hour,” said Paulo Silva, of the “Red Card” operation, which involves the president of Benfica, detained on Wednesday in an investigation into suspected fraud , tax fraud, breach of trust, counterfeiting and money laundering.


At the entrance to the criminal court in Lisbon, where banker Ricardo Salgado is on trial, Paulo Silva, who was coordinator of that investigation, explained that the searches foreseen in the Red Card operation “are all carried out”, admitting to feeling “very satisfied” with the work done.

“On yesterday’s stage [quarta-feira] 44 searches of the ‘Red Card’ operation were carried out by elements of the Tax Authority, the Finance Department of Braga, Porto, Aveiro and Lisbon, and the Large Taxpayers Unit,” he explained to journalists.

According to Paulo Silva, “what was planned was all accomplished”, and many of the operations took place “after the hour”: “Our work was done yesterday [quarta-feira], already a lot of it after hours, some ended after two in the morning. We are still preparing things to hand over to the Public Ministry”.

At this moment, what worries the inspector is the state of health of the two PSP agents involved in the searches who, on Wednesday night, after the proceedings, suffered a car accident.

At the end of the search, “allegedly a vehicle was circulating without lights, at high speed, and stopped one of our cars. This situation is what worries me. And I hope the agents are well”, he revealed to journalists, explaining that the agents were transferred to a Hospital in Braga.

Even before entering Ricardo Salgado’s trial session, the inspector admitted to journalists that judge Carlos Alexandre could carry out the judicial interrogation of the four detained defendants.

The businessman and president of Benfica Luís Filipe Vieira was one of the four arrested on Wednesday in an investigation that involves deals and financing in excess of 100 million euros, with losses for the State and some companies.

For this investigation, 44 search warrants were carried out to search companies, residences, law firms and a banking institution in Lisbon, Torres Vedras and Braga. One of the places where searches took place was the SAD of Benfica, which, in a statement, said that it was not constituted as a defendant.

Without identifying them, the DCIAP reported that a sports manager, two businessmen and a football agent were arrested.