UN moves towards end of anti-piracy operations off Somalia

Somalia finally won. The country had called for an end to the anti-piracy operations carried out off its coasts. The UN Security Council acceded to his request, Friday, December 3, by extending by only three months, against annual renewals until then, the authorization given to warships to fight piracy off the coast of France. Somalia.

A resolution drafted by the United States to this effect, which seems to presage an end in 2022 of the international military engagement off the coast of Somalia, was unanimously approved by the 15 members of the Council.

France deplored “Too short a delay” which will not allow the European operation Atalanta to function properly and could lead to a “Risk of a safe vacuum”. With this authorization from the United Nations, “No attack has been deplored for four years”, recalled after the vote Sheraz Gasri, of the French diplomatic mission to the UN. His position was supported by Estonia and Ireland who also regretted a too short extension.

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Election campaign

For Somalia, the absence of attacks justifies on the contrary the fact of putting an end to this UN authorization. The three-month period must “Allow a transition towards a framework of bilateral maritime cooperation in Somali national waters”, said the country’s deputy ambassador to the UN, Abukar Dahir Osman.

While his country is in the electoral campaign, he spoke of the need for him to regain his sovereignty while welcoming “A successful operation which led to the eradication of piracy”. During negotiations, diplomats said, the Security Council encountered firm opposition from Somalia for an identical renewal of the authorization for one year.

The fight against piracy at sea off Somalia is notably carried out by the United States and the European naval air operation Atalanta, which mobilizes maritime surveillance ships and planes. The latter operation, created in 2008, had been extended by the European Council until December 2022 under cover of the Security Council mandate.

Still on Somalia, the Council will also have to decide before the end of the year on the mandate of Amisom, the African Union peace operation which expires on December 31.

Discussions are underway on a reconfiguration of this mission. Somalia and the African Union do not have the same approach on one side, and the West is not on the same line as the Africans either, portending difficulties to come to finding a consensus, according to diplomats.

According to one of them, the mandate of Amisom, subject to a vote by the Security Council scheduled for December 21, could be extended for only a few months in order to give time to the search for a OK.

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