Vicente Fernández: cause of death of singer revealed | Famous

The adoptive daughter of Vicente Fernandez, Alejandra, was in charge of giving the details of what happened to the failing health of the legendary singer, who he lost his life at age 81 at 6:15 in the morning, Mexico time, this Sunday, December 12.

The situation presented several complications that involved a ” spinal cord trauma at the level of the cervical spine, “according to the medical report that the family released. Surgery was performed, but for weeks it was “serious”.

What was the illness that Vicente Fernández had?

This syndrome would have caused complications that led to his death, according to what his daughter Alejandra Fernández said.

He died of organ failure derived from Guillain-Barré disease, “he said in statements published in the newspaper Reforma and collected upon arrival at the ranch.

According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), this disorder “can cause symptoms that usually last a few weeks” and “most people make a full recovery,” however. , there are cases in which some people “suffer nervous system damage long-term”.

Vicente Fernández’s daughter reports how doña Cuquita is after the death of the singer

In the brief talk that Alejandra Fernández gave to the media outside the Los Tres Potrillos ranch, she also spoke about how is doña cuquita, who married the interpreter in 1963.

My mom is calm, in peace, they spent a lifetime together, “he said.

“My dad had always said that he wanted to be fired here. Thanks to all the public for so much support and affection to my father, to the family, “he said.

In addition to Alejandra, Vicente Fernández and Doña Cuquita Covers had three sons: Vicente Jr., Gerardo and Alejandro.