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It’s not a tango by Gardel. Not the genius in Borges’ magical realism. It will never have the speed of Fangio, the revolutionary art of Che or the allegorical rhythm of Piazzolla.

Saravia is Renzo, only Renzo. from Brazil, guarantee the zerozero that this is enough for the Argentine to return to being useful at FC Porto. Sérgio Conceição says that the side is under observation.

No gimmicks, miracles or dance steps.

«In a long period of 2020, Saravia was the best full-back in the Brasileirão», he argues Luã Hernández, journalist for Zero Hora, a respected publication in Porto Alegre.

qWhat I liked most about Saravia was the way he combined with colleagues in the offensive process

Fábio Matias (former Internacional coach)

“Before the injuries and suffering from Covid-19, his performance was great. Mainly under the command of coach Eduardo Coudet. He was, in fact, called up to the Argentina national team at that time. Unfortunately, he had a serious problem in October and 2021 was not an easy year for him.”

Fábio Matias was coach of Internacional in 2021, between the departure of the renowned Abel Braga and the entry of the Spaniard Miguel Angel Ramirez. Renzo was injured in that State Championship, but Fábio remembers «all the quality» of the side.

«I was the coach of the U23s and we trained several times with the main squad. When I took over the first team, unfortunately, Renzo was unavailable», the current responsible for Flamengo in Copinha tells our portal.

«I followed on site some Renzo games. What I liked most about him was the way he combined with his colleagues in the offensive process. He had strength, muscular power and arrived with a lot of lucidity to the bottom line”, says the 41-year-old coach about the “construction side”.

“His level of competitiveness was always highly praised. He improved a lot from one to a defensive one and became very competitive in that balance between the offensive and defensive part. He has a good crossing and a good final pass. He’s an intelligent full-back and that’s what I liked the most and stood out.”

Injuries and covid-19: visible enemies in Porto Alegre

THE damn torn ligament in right knee, the damn coronavirus, more bad luck. Not even Borges’ skill with words could escape tragedy, in the face of such persecution.

Saravia shook, fell and… «She went to fight, she had character.» The Brazilian football calendar is merciless, «spares no one» and the full-back who is returning to FC Porto had to take the pedal.

“It was difficult for Renzo to get back to an adequate physical level. He showed quality, but injuries and covid-19 did not allow him to return to the level of 2020. He played good games, yes, but oscillating a lot more. It lacked that regularity. If he is physically well, he will certainly be very useful to FC Porto.”

Rodrigo Ramos, from Rádio Guaíba, also in Porto Alegre, praises the «undeniable quality» of the defender discovered by FC Porto in 2019 at Racing Avellaneda.

«He is a high-class player in the offensive work, he is a good builder of plays. Defensively, he is sometimes not as combative as would be desirable», indicates the journalist from Rio Grande do Sul.

«From what has been shown here in Porto Alegre, I feel that Renzo can still be an interesting player for the FC Porto team. It’s a new man. It will certainly be helped, and may help, former colleagues Léo Borges and João Peglow [ambos na equipa B].»

«Renzo Saravia was fundamental for the second place in the Brasileirão»

String theory: Renzo stretches, stretches, threatens to break. Just to gain momentum and launch once more.

Without João Mário, Manafá and Nanu (already transferred to MLS), Jesus Corona and Renzo Saravia are left to Sérgio Conceição in the coming weeks.

On the first attempt at Dragon, complete failure. And the second, how will it be?

“If it depends only on the technical level, on the quality of the game, he is prepared. I remember his start at Inter, it was very good. He was perfect in supporting the attack and was strong in crosses», insists Luã Hernández.

«Inter played with two men in the area [não muito diferente do FC Porto] and Renzo was one of the main assistants, he had great quality in that last pass.”

Even with such adversities, Renzo’s performance «exceeds expectations». The storm left him different, but just read the detail given by Luã Hernandez to empathize with the Argentine.

©Vítor Parente / Kapta+

“Renzo’s problem here was a serious knee injury, in October 2020. He tore the ligament and only returned in April 2021. Inter did everything to extend the loan, despite that. He fought a lot, returned to acting, but then he still had covid-19 and in August 2021 he had an arthroscopy. In other words, 2021 was not easy for him.”

Rodrigo Ramos summarizes the Inter-Saravia relationship with its highest point and its lowest point. No subterfuge or mitigation.

“First, Renzo was fundamental for second place in the 2020 Brasileirão. I would say he was one of the most prominent figures in the team. On the other hand, I would say the post-injury competitive period, when he occasionally lost his place to another Argentine, Gabriel Mercado.”

In the first months at FC Porto, Renzo was one of the athletes caught at a birthday party at Uribe’s house, at bad times. In Porto Alegre, they swear that the side’s social behavior was “irreprehensible”.

“He had a remarkable discretion in behavior outside of work and even in his relationship with the media. There is nothing to point out to him», emphasizes Rodrigo Ramos.

A new man. A more prepared footballer.

Without Gardel’s choreographed movement, without Piazzolla’s heady chords.

Silence. It’s time for Renzo Saravia.