With a success rate of 93.8% after catching up, the 2021 baccalaureate is slightly down compared to 2020

It is worse than the 2020 edition, a record year, for which the final success rate, after the oral exams, was 95.7%: 93.8% of the 732,800 candidates for the 2021 baccalaureate were received at the end of the first remedial session, announced the Ministry of National Education, Saturday July 10.

The June session allows 687,200 candidates to become baccalaureate holders, the ministry wrote in a press release. “The overall success rate for this session is down compared to 2020 (-1.9 point), or 26,700 baccalaureate holders less than last year”, he specifies.

Mardi, in a video uploaded to Twitter, the Minister of Education Jean-Michel Blanquer had sent his congratulations to the new graduates. “The revision conditions were sometimes special but you can be proud of the work you have accomplished since it has now borne fruit”, he declared, sharing his “Encouragement” to those who go to catch-up.

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Year heavily disrupted by the health crisis

These results come at the end of a second school year severely disrupted by the health crisis. The continuous assessment represents at least 82% of the final grade in the general and technological baccalaureate during this session because table tests have been canceled.

This first edition of “Blanquer tray”, resulting from the 2018 reform, has been turned upside down. Only two tests were maintained: the written philosophy and the grand oral.

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The high school students have also benefited from adjustments to take into account the disruptions in teaching this year. In philosophy, in particular, the best mark was retained, between that obtained in the test and that of the continuous assessment.

The success rate in the general route is 97.6%. In detail, it stands at 94% in the technological series and 86.7% for the vocational baccalaureate. The percentage of baccalauréat holders in a generation amounts to 83.1% this year.

In 2020, 95.7% of candidates had obtained the baccalaureate at the end of the catch-up, an absolute record. Due to the coronavirus crisis, the final exams had been canceled and only the marks of the first and second trimesters had been counted for the issuance of the exam.

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