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Status: 23.07.2021 01:06 p.m.

The police and the public prosecutor’s office in Hildesheim searched a group practice in the Gifhorn district. The doctors are suspected of having issued false corona vaccination cards.

The number of cases can only be guessed at, a two-digit number is possible, said a spokesman for the Hildesheim public prosecutor’s office. The possible motive is also still unclear. It is unlikely that the suspects wanted to get rich, as the practice earned next to nothing on such a stamp, the spokesman said.


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Investigations against two doctors in a group practice in the Gifhorn district. Also: Phaeno celebrates its 15th birthday after. (07/22/2021) 2 min

Patients also face severe penalties

During the search of the practice rooms on Wednesday, the investigators had, according to the prosecutor, secured patient records and computer data, among other things. The material must now be evaluated, it said. The doctors in the group practice are now being investigated for commercial fraud and the issuing of incorrect health certificates. If convicted, a prison sentence of up to ten years is possible. Patients who have a falsified vaccination certificate issued may also make themselves liable to prosecution. And then if you incite your doctor to put a stamp and signature in the vaccination certificate. This carries a fine or up to two years in prison.

Measles sham vaccinations as a starting point

The starting point for the investigation was an anonymous complaint, which initially concerned suspected sham vaccinations against measles. The investigators suspect that, at the request of the parents, the doctors administered saline to the children instead of a vaccine. As a result, it turned out that in the group practice, false corona vaccination cards may also have been issued “to a large extent”. Because of the suspicion that measles vaccines have not been injected, the doctors are also being investigated for bodily harm.

The Medical Association is aware of around 100 similar cases

The Lower Saxony Medical Association reacted in dismay to the allegations. We expressly disapprove, “said a spokesman for the NDR in Lower Saxony. Should the allegations be confirmed, it would be” irresponsible and outrageous “. It will also be determined under professional law. Since the beginning of the corona pandemic, the chamber has dealt with around 100 similar cases According to the spokesman, the spectrum ranges from denying or downplaying the pandemic to issuing false vaccination cards or mask certificates.

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