Young people use fake certificate website to go out at night

The black market for COVID-19 certificates has been growing, with illegal services appearing for everything and anything else. Recently, in Portugal, it was reported to the PJ the abusive use of the names of testing centers and also the illegal use of the signatures of those responsible.

According to reports, young people are making use of this fake certificate site to go out at night.

False certificates often pass control...

"Don't you want to get the COVID-19 vaccine or waste time taking a mandatory test to enter an event? We have the scientific solution!" This is the "challenge" launched by a website that offers users fake certificates.

COVID-19: Young people use fake certificate website to go out at night

According to hi, after introducing your name and date of birth, it is possible to download the documents, in this case test certificates signed by those responsible for the laboratories of Unilabs, the Portuguese Red Cross, CEDOC or the University of Lisbon. There is information that this site has already been reported, but so far it is still active.

COVID-19: Young people use fake certificate website to go out at night

i sought to understand with the Judiciary Police and the Shared Services of the Ministry of Health, responsible for the platform that issues true digital certificates, what steps have been taken and whether abusive uses of these false documents have already been detected, having not obtained a status report until at the time of closing of this edition.

As in September, in the pre-filled names, which can be changed by those who use the sites, there are anonymous names, but other well-known ones, such as Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa. The newspaper also mentions that this type of false document usually passes through control.

The EU COVID Digital Certificate covers three types of certificates:

  • Vaccination: which proves that the person was vaccinated against COVID-19
  • Testing: which proves that the person has a negative result in a molecular nucleic acid amplification test (TAAN) - RT-PCR, real-time RT-PCR, Rapid Molecular Tests - for identification of SARS-CoV-2
  • Recovery: which proves that the person had COVID-19, but that he has already recovered from the disease

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