15 million Italians traveling for the holidays

They will be 10 million 454 thousand Italians who will move for the Christmas holidays according to Federalberghi forecasts. 94.6% will remain in Italy against 5.4% who will choose abroad. Of those who remain within national borders, 68.9% will not leave their region of residence. While for New Year they will be 4 million 381 thousand Italians leaving.

“It won’t be a Christmas like any other, it will be Green Pass Christmas. Despite the difficulties and fears of the fourth wave, however, thanks to the coverage of the third dose, the Italians will still be able to give themselves a destination, staying above all within the borders of their own country and keeping in mind the security measures against the spread of covid.

They will choose to leave but shortening the distances, they will privilege the mountains, opting for locations as close as possible to their city of residence and will aim for relaxation. We cannot say that they will be carefree: the overall turnover in fact drops by 19.6%. But certainly the travelers of this Christmas 2021 will give voice to the need to solemnize the holidays, trying to exorcise the fears caused by the pandemic ».

The president of Federalberghi, Bernabò Bocca, describes a particular picture, which emerged from the forecast survey on the tourist movement of Italians for the Christmas holidays, carried out by ACS Marketing Solutions.

«Christmas is mainly an opportunity to reunite with loved ones – continues Bocca – It is therefore not surprising that most travelers will aim at the home of relatives or friends. Turnover registers an increase for Christmas while it drops for the end of year holidays. First of all it must be considered that the motivation of those who will not move is dramatically linked to the economic conditions that unfortunately do not allow to plan a trip ».

«But it should be noted that the cancellation of the New Year’s trip is closely linked to the need to stay away from risky situations such as parties or dinners, the custom of December 31st. The situation of uncertainty, further restrictions and the presence of a new variant of the virus have acted as a deterrent to the search for entertainment and entertainment typical of the last year ».

“No wonder there will be few who decide to leave for abroad. On the other hand, it is evident that the lack of foreign tourism weighs more and more, which continues to penalize enormously especially our cities of art which we hope will be helped by the internal tourism movement that is taking shape for this Christmas ».

«It would not have been possible to expect an exciting trend in this Christmas holiday – concludes Bocca – The fact remains that for the sector it is dramatic to see the loss of other points precisely in reference to the season which is usually among the best performing. It is becoming more and more evident that in order to revive the sector there is a need for powerful support that will make a real recovery sustainable “.