a b2b2c channel to conquer the online market

It’s called Twin and it stands for Trade and web integrated net. It is the brand new omnichannel strategy launched by the Alpitour group. “The war between the channels no longer makes sense, if it ever had any – explains the general manager tour operating, Pier Ezhaya -. Better then try to triangular between production, agencies and the web to conquer at least a portion of the space currently occupied by the giants of online distribution. Even a small percentage would translate into very large volumes“.

But how does Twin work? “Simplifying a lot, the idea is to link agencies directly to our three sites (one for each cluster, two are already online, the third – edenviaggi.it – ​​will debut in January, ed) – continues Ezhaya -. The consumer can then certainly book directly on our pages, but thanks to a strict parity rate policy we are convinced that it will almost always prefer to rely on the advice and services of adv. In fact, we do not aim to compete with OTAs on commodity products, but on the value, assistance and guarantees of our products conveyed by the professionalism of the agents.. Over time, the advs will then be connected to our portals in xml, in order to access all our availabilities in real time “.

This is obviously a far-reaching initiative that within a year, it aims to involve about half of Alpitour’s contracted agencies. The project is part of the broader strategy of rethinking the business evolution process inNova and foresees major investments. Especially in the first phase, when it will be necessary to shoulder to make yourself visible and recognizable in the global ring of the web. “This is an operation that only big players can do – adds Ezhaya -. Suffice it to say that, to do web marketing effectively, a budget of at least 4-5 million euros per year is required. But I am convinced that this is the only way to give this sector a future“.