Abruzzo airport closes 2021 with just over 50% of 2019 passengers

Abruzzo airport closes 2021 with 381,241 passengers, a figure in marked growth compared to 2020 (approximately 173,000 passengers) but still far from the over 703,000 passengers of 2019, that is, before the outbreak of the pandemic.

“If passengers are fewer than in 2019, this year’s destinations were instead numerically greater – comments the president of the Saga, Vittorio Catone -. In fact, in 2021 the summer season recorded 20 connections with Italian and European cities. In 2019 in the summer season there were 15. Also the winter, currently in progress, until the end of March it has 9 destinations with December which also saw the extra connection with Palermo. Now Covid is unfortunately marking a new setback as the companies Ryanair, Wizz Air and Volotea have decided to suspend all connections with regional airports for a few weeks and this also involved our airport. As already happened last year in which in the winter months, air traffic was obviously marked by the pandemic, but we are confident that as soon as the contagion situation decreases again, traffic will normally be restored and we will be able to look positively at summer 2022. and momentum by promoting the beauties of our region in the best possible way “.

In light of the suspension of connections by the three companies, for the month of January two Ita Airways connections to Milan Linate and one flight a day to Milan Bergamo will be guaranteed, with the exception of Fridays with two connections.

Returning to the 2021 budget, the months with the greatest flows were the summer ones with a total of 222,094 passengers from June to September 2021, equal to a 22% less than in 2019 when the total number of passengers was 288,068. In summer 2021, the busiest months were August which recorded 69,076 passengers and July 62,900. Due to the pandemic, between January and March 2021 there are 6,911 registered passengers.