Adele’s Makeup: Everything the singer has been wearing!

Adele, what a woman, what a voice, what a monument! The 30th era came and along with that some classic and insurmountable factors that reinforce its beauty: that impeccable old hollywood hair and that IMPECCABLE makeup, with a well-made face and without a pore showing and the outline remains more powerful and striking than Never.

Now it’s necessary to confess, Adele has changed… did you notice that her skin is more tanned? More on Glow? More Contour? Well, probably the California sun to give that perfect twist to the singer who always had a powerful and highly copyable makeup in her ~trademark.

And when we have an extremely famous make-influencer, what happens? Yes, your makeup artists fill us with infos and ids of used products! Since I know you guys like the agenda, I’m full of make-up ids she’s been wearing recently, courtesy of two of her makeup artists (Nothing complimentary, all very expensive kkkry).

Michael Aston has been Adele’s makeup artist for over a decade and has revealed some of the recent makeup he has used on her. As the focus is always delineated, three options he uses, complements and varies in the singer:

Chanel Calligraphie by Chanel Cream Eyeliner, which sells here at Chanel’s ecommerce for R$275, I’ve already used and reminds me a lot of MAC’s iconic Fluidline Blacktrack, but a little more creamy. Speaking of the brand, another product he uses, usually to “finish” the outlined MAC Liquidlast Liner, which is here for R$97, good price! Finally, the Kate Tokyo Super Sharp Liner Pencil is another ally of the diva’s makeup artist perfect liner.

Another great partner in Adele’s beauté life is Pat McGrath, popularly known as the greatest makeup artist of all time. Pat has an incensed – and expensive – line of make up and obviously wears everything on Adele. Among the most used products in the 30th era, the Permagel Ultra Glide Eye Pencil color Xtreme Black to start shaping your outline. Then, to ensure intensity and finish, she uses the Perma Precision Liquid Liner. And you can’t miss a super mascara and, of course, Pat’s! She wears the Dark Star Mascara for a lot of volume.

Still talking about the PAT X ADELE feat, almost all the id used on the recent Vogue Inglesa cover was still out and basically it was filled with makeup from the makeup artist.

On the lips, lipstick that I love in CHRISTY color + mouth pencil in BUFF color. The base is Skinfetish Sublime Perfection and just the name should be frilly. Also on the skin is Divine Blush + Glow Trio, and this was what I was most tempted to buy, because I think Adele has incredible bronze and contour! Finally, I focus on the Huetopian eyeshadows palette, which costs as little as R$720, but is already sold out around the world.

I love that Adele serves music, having served up absurd looks (Schiaparelli, Dior) and makeup is still one of those to enter the fashion and beauty history books as an icon of a generation!