airport operators lose over 1 billion euros

Enac takes stock of the crisis and this time analyzes the impressive data of airport operators. In fact, data transmitted by the management companies made it possible to estimate an overall economic loss suffered by the system of over 1 billion euros, in the March-September 2020 period alone.

During 2020, air traffic was strongly affected by the crisis triggered by the epidemiological emergency from Covid-19 which caused a strong contraction, in line with what was recorded in the rest of the world: 52,759,724 passengers passed through Italian airports in 2020, between national and international traffic, with a decrease of -72.5% compared to 2019. These are the numbers of the Enac 2020 Report and Social Budget, which confirm the data already released by the Entity in April.

In particular, national traffic, with its 25 million passengers recorded a more moderate decrease, -61.1%, compared to international traffic, 78.3%, with a total of approximately 27,700,000 passengers. The ranking of the first carriers operating in Italy sees the Irish low cost Ryanair in first place (11,836,904 passengers), followed by Alitalia with just over half of the passengers (6,514,579); third EasyJet (3.5 million passengers). However, Alitalia slightly surpasses Ryanair in the ranking of the first carriers for national traffic (4,388,984 passengers carried by the former national airline against 4,081,277 for low cost). Finally, looking at the airports with the highest number of passengers, Rome Fiumicino is confirmed in first place with 9.7 million (-77.5% from 2019), followed by Milan Malpensa (7.2 million, -74.9%) and Bergamo (3.83 million, -72.2%).