“And Just Like That”, o retorno de Carrie Bradshaw!

And Just Like That I share a curiosity: did you know that the first post on this blog that touches you, posted on March 26, 2008, was basically the trailer for the 1st movie of the Sex and The City saga?! In other words, I have many reasons to be attached to this series that marked a generation and has in its Carrie Bradshaw an iconic character that spans decades as an icon of style and daring, after all, in 1997, sex and relationships were not talked about as much as plot. of a hit series.

Cut to today, a lot of people say that SATC has been dated. Carrie’s problems were futile, her lifestyle didn’t make sense to someone who only wrote a column in a newspaper, the topics covered were as shallow as a saucer, the cast diversity was basically zero and everything revolved around one big white people problem. Okay, all of that goes, but it was another time and, we can’t deny it, or we can abstract it, SATC was a beautiful one of a lovely series, with its ups and downs, mistakes and successes.

Then, after the series, came the film and the attempt to please an audience still loyal and thirsty for the quartet’s adventures. It was an attempt, let’s say, failed, despite 2 releases, it was nothing memorable, WOW, and a lot of people said that we should just remember that last episode in Paris.

It happened, life goes on, each actress took her own course. SJP made another series, Cynthia Nixon even ran for governor of NY, but what guided this off-season was the open fight between Sarah and Kim, so not that we expected this to happen, but that a return of the series would never be in the plans.

Behold, 11 years later, when no one asked, the return of SATC was announced, more precisely a kind of spin-off called “And Just Like That”. Altogether there are 10 episodes, every Thursday on HBO Max and, since then announced: no Kim Catrall and her iconic Samantha Jones. At the time of the first recordings, I made a post here sharing my point of view and how discouraged I was, but hoping to find out what this reunion of (now) 3 women would make in a new stage of their lives!

Cut to Thursday, 12/9, delete the “dismayed”… I was EYESEYED at the point of 10 am and I was watching the first two eps and, can I say? DELIVERED WHEN NEVER PROMISED! First point and now I’ll start with spoilers.


Kim left, life goes on, you can’t be whining, the actress didn’t want to, the show is business and the game continued. But, obviously, it was necessary to put a fair end to the character. And counting by the first 2 eps, I think they did. They could have killed her, but they sent her to London, ok because the reason she isn’t Carrie’s PR anymore didn’t make a lot of sense for a super fight that caused this breakup, but they fought, they walked away and that’s it. It would be bad to have died, worse for her to have remained in NY and the two never met. The scene from ep 2 of flowers-you-know-where broke my heart.

I also found it interesting that killing her would be the end of the character in fact, but in a possible next season she will come back, never $and $abe. And I also found the approach to be a good parallel to their real life, with Sam/Kim hating Sarah/Carrie and her still trying to fix things.


There was a lot of talk about the show with 4 rich white women and with a lifestyle totally out of reality and this was one of the problems that this new era sought to remove and I think it was a hit. 3 new characters entered, black and latina that fit very well in the story so far.

Sarah Ramirez, as Che Diaz, the boss of Carrie, who has now become a podcaster. The character looks very interesting, funny, subversive and will talk about sexuality openly and shamelessly. Even the scene about the masturbation talk, which made Carrie embarrassed, was an excellent counterpoint to show that the character isn’t even – and maybe it never was – so prafrentex, it was a great idea.

There’s also Nicole Ari Parker, as Lisa Todd Wexley, who plays a new friend of Charlotte’s and I was already impressed with the looks, the necklaces, in fact, the costumes of Molly Rogers (replacing Patricia Field) it was 10/10, it owed at nothing.

Finally, in the trio of supporting characters that will gain prominence, Karen Pittman, such as teacher Nya Wallace, who will have a plot with Miranda and has already served scenes of the two addressing racial issues. Fun fact: it took me a while, but I realized that Karen also does another show that I love, she’s Mia from The Morning Show.


When I posted about the comeback of the show, I talked a lot about that point of view of them not being those young girls anymore out-and-about Manhattan. And what aroused interest was precisely how the show would show it and so far I think it’s ok. I like the series for its everyday conversations, a chat at the restaurant table and always that reflection that we identify with, practically a Manoel Carlos and Helena, but nothing from Leblon, it’s New York.

The scene of Miranda taking on white hair, Charlotte judging and Carrie encouraging is common and important to be shown. But interesting how 55-year-old women, rich, lived and apparently well resolved, still have their questions and insecurities falling to the ground – or making us question – the ideal of how much “Older age, more wisdom”.


I tried my hardest to get away from loose spoilers during the recording, with that, the final scene of Big… DYING, shocked me, made me sad. It was a very beautiful scene, although I didn’t understand why she didn’t call 190**, the take of her falling with the iconic blue shoe was well done, subtle and powerful.

Now about the character dying, I understand. I think it will be the turning point for Carrie to finally reinvent herself, rediscover herself after about 25 years with just the same plot. I don’t think the show would make much sense, or it would be boring, being a happy couple or him cheating on her or something that was looping through everything we’ve seen.

This new dynamic will bring new stories, moments, plots, will it bring Aidan back? I didn’t try to find out, but I know Natasha will come back. I just hope that next week’s ep has a time pass so the show doesn’t stay in a mournful tone.

The first 2 eps served nostalgia, costumes and emotion, which now moves towards that everyday point of view that connects us and makes SATC that guilty pleasure that we didn’t even know we needed anymore, but it served a lot. May more eps and seasons come!

Did you like what you saw?!