Catania Cruise Port, 101 ships for over 160 thousand passengers are expected in 2022. The airport focuses on the new terminal and dock

Catania Cruise Port will host 101 ships of 25 different brands in the next year cruises with over 160,000 passengers from all over the world.

Numbers that speak of recovery, certainly compared to the last two seasons (2020 with 8 stopovers and 4,206 passengers and 2021 with 21 stopovers and 13,579 passengers), and which, although not yet at pre-pandemic levels (2019 with 113 stopovers and 208,509 passengers), reward the Etna port for its operational capacity, demonstrated even in the most difficult moments of the recent crisis in the sector.

The laws that in 2020 allowed Italy to be one of the first nations to reopen to the traffic of cruise ships, led in 2021 to a severe containment of the cruise passenger experience, especially compared to other Mediterranean destinations, as well as the difficulty on the part of Cruise Lines to include Italian ports in international itineraries.

Furthermore, all of this has also led to unprecedented volatility in programming by the Companies. If before 2020, in fact, the calendars were defined and confirmed at least two years in advance, now the deployment of the fleets undergoes almost weekly reviews, also following the epidemic trend in the countries of destination or in the countries of origin of the guests. The 2022 calendar of the arrivals of Catania cruise ships is no exception, still showing itself today, a few weeks after the start of the new season, with many uncertainties.

The calendar currently available for 2022 sees Costa Cruises excel once again, which is confirmed as the port’s main customer with 32 ships scheduled to take off between April and December, for a total of over 80,000 passengers handled. Following the Germanic TUI Cruises and AIDA Cruises, which respectively with 15 and 16 stopovers and approximately 50,000 total passengers handled strengthen the German public’s estimate for the destination.

The new year will also mark the important result, thanks to the positive climate of collaboration with the Port System Authority, the construction of a new terminal, the need for which had already arisen for some time. The project involves the construction not only of a modern and complete structure of approximately 1,400 square meters. covered, which ensure correct, efficient and safe operational management, but is also characterized by its strong connotation of eco-sustainability, thanks to the design choices made in this direction (totally recyclable materials, energy autonomy from renewable sources, advanced solutions for saving of natural resources).

“Even in this complicated period – comments the General Manager of Catania Cruise Port, Antonio Di Monte – characterized by the uncertainty of the cruise market and by a national regulatory situation that does not facilitate the recovery, Catania Cruise Port is confirmed as a destination appreciated by shipowners. Thanks to a decidedly interesting calendar, the construction of the new terminal and the ISO 9001 and 14001 certifications recently obtained, our company inaugurates 2022 by presenting itself on the market with much more attractive garments ”.

“In addition to the new terminal – adds the Extraordinary Commissioner of the Port System Authority of the Eastern Sicily Sea, Alberto Chiovelli – They were work started for the restoration of the new dock which will lead to a lightening of traffic in the Central Overhang and the new viability plan of the port will allow a more orderly management of flows. Within a year and a half the port will be more welcoming to encourage the development of the sector “.