Chanel Healthy Shine Suntan Cream

My favorite social network goes by the name of Twitter, I love that place, the bar table atmosphere where everything is talked about, from fashion to politics, memes to beauty. And from time to time there are some tweets questioning “where are the WRITTEN reviews?”, because with the advent of Youtube and with many bloggers migrating there, it seems that every review, be it makeup or food, only left the video!

So here between us, I’ve always said around here about the importance of blogs and how, looking at it coldly, it’s much more practical to read a 2 or 3 minute PAWN post than to see a 15 minute video, a lot of rubbish and blah blah. With that, and with this new era of layout, I want to tell you that the routine reviews will come back! A specific product, an unmissable tip, cheap, expensive, useful, superfluous, that famous friend tip here for you!

I want to start over with this product that I bought recently and LOVED it! Chanel’s “Healthy Shine Tanning Cream” is basically a creamy bronzer, but on the skin turns into a wonderful matte VELVET POWDER that leaves a natural tan and glow that will officially make me skip any summer sun. I feel ready & tanned!

On the website the info is as follows, “Unique cream-gel tanner, light and easy to blend, with a delicate, velvety finish that leaves the skin with a natural tanned glow.” And in fact he has a unique texture and this makes not only the product on the skin looks beautiful and NATURAL, but it is easy to apply!

The cool thing about the product is that you can easily get two levels of bronze. Want a light bronze? You can use it with a more fluffy type of powder brush and leave it running smoothly. Want something more marked and with what contour? A more blush or beveled brush to make the tone more marked and the midday sun lol. I also like to apply it to the chin and jaw bone and even extend it to my lap to be A real tan.

Honorable mention for the beautiful packaging and the product that comes in a lot of quantity and is one that we will use for many summers. Regarding price, when it comes to Chanel, it is one of their cheapest products, R$390 in the brand’s e-commerce here and which, worth mentioning, comes with the most beautiful packaging and packages. My color is 390 Soleil Tan Bronze.

Above is the video of my unboxing with Duda who can’t see a package she already wants to open!