commercial agreement with Gruppo Bper

Maria Carmela Colaiacovo

The Bper group (Bper Banca and Banco di Sardegna) and Confindustria Alberghi signed a commercial agreement in recent days in order to promote the qualification, growth and competitiveness of hotel tourism companies.

The agreement will allow Confindustria Alberghi to be able to count on the specialist advice of professionals and experts of the Bper group throughout the country. The associated companies will therefore be guided, according to their needs, to the planned investment plan, after identifying the most appropriate financial solutions. The Bper group will make available a wide range of products and services, taking advantage of the facilitating instruments provided by the NRP, directly or also through the synergies of the Group, but also those relating to the different Structural and Investment Funds.

«The agreement is part of the activities that Confindustria Hotels is setting up to support businesses in this difficult time for the sector. A financial product that takes into account the objectives of the NRP and is in line with those activities also necessary to redevelop the hotel offer by declining the theme of sustainability both from an economic and social point of view “, declared Maria Carmela Colaiacovo, president of the Italian Association of Confindustria Alberghi .

The group makes available resources for an amount of € 500 million, thus integrating the funding provided for by the NRP and, therefore, co-financing specific initiatives. The agreement also provides for greater assistance for “sustainable” tourism, in support of companies and projects that have ESG factors and dedicating favorable conditions to those that are willing to provide BPER with all the information necessary for reporting on sustainability. and periodic ESG monitoring.

Stefano Rossetti, deputy general manager of Bper Banca, declared: «With this important agreement we offer all-round support to companies in the hotel tourism sector. It is in fact necessary more than ever in this period to be attentive to investment choices, taking into account the latest legislative opportunities, because they can determine the success of the recovery of many companies and of the entire sector. Particular attention is paid to ‘sustainable’ initiatives, which represent a segment on which we focus a lot “”