Costa Edutainment awarded by Confindustria Romagna for its attention to sustainability

Confindustria Romagna assigns the Excelsa2021 award to the Costa Edutainment group for the commitment on the sustainability front.

The Association has been promoting the Excelsa – Romagna Award since 2011, initiative created to give visibility to excellent companies and highlight the ultimate goal of doing business: to generate collective and widespread well-being. For 2021 Confindustria Romagna wanted an extraordinary edition, which took into account the unprecedented period due to the impact of the pandemic on economic and social assets. In this way, the success stories of the companies that defeated the pandemic were brought to light, reacting and managing to achieve excellent results also in 2020. Alongside economic performance, all the initiatives related to corporate sustainability were also highlighted. fielded in the two-year period 2019-2020.

The Costa Edutainment group has always been very attentive to sustainable development issues, environment, education, knowledge and respect for nature. Through its structures it commits time and resources to conservation and research projects.

Among the many initiatives, in the last year, Costa Edutainment has promoted in collaboration with the APS I Tetragonauti a special campaign – Back to Life, r-welcome and regenerate – on the theme of marine plastic pollution. The support of Costa Edutainment took the form of training sessions by the staff of the Genoa Aquarium on the issues of environmental sustainability, circular economy and marine biology aimed at children with personal, social and scholastic difficulties or from criminal networks, involved in A Scuola per Mare project by APS I Tetragonauti.

Furthermore, the Cattolica Aquarium and the Romagna Costa Edutainment parks have been conducting the conservation project since 2010 and protection of endangered species “Save an endangered species” to raise awareness and educate the public on conservation, responsible management of environments and knowledge of animals. In 2020, the project focused on two critically endangered species – the cobice sturgeon and the European eel – promoting their conservation and conducting reintroduction operations into the wild.

Finally, in 2020, the three Aquariums of Cattolica, Genoa and Livorno with their respective conservation projects have joined the #UNITEDFORBIODIVERSITY Global Coalition, launched by the European Commission with the aim of safeguarding biodiversity.